Sunday , May 26 2024
The Quartermaine's are back...let the backstabbing, blackmailing and manipulation begin!

General Hospital‘s Quartermaines Get Back in the Game….

 Fans have been begging General Hospital executives to bring back the once prominent core family, The Quartermaines, and after years of neglect with practically the entire clan decimated…they’re baaacck!!

Sean Kanan returned Monday as black sheep of the Q’s AJ Quartermaine, and while his supposed death and miraculous recovery was a bit farfetched, fans are thrilled to see him on their screens. To mark his return, Sean spent the hour tweeting with fans who welcomed him back with open arms. I asked what the hardest part about returning has been and Sean answered:

“@seankanan @RHeartRadio #GH the toughest part is the pace and the material, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s hard being away from my wife.”

Sean also revealed that AJ is going to try to begin some type of relationship with his biological son, Michael Corinthos. Things are about to get volatile!

Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati also announced fan favorites Wally Kurth (aka) Ned Ashton and Robin Christopher (aka) Skye Alcazar, will return to Port Charles for Edward’s funeral. Who else could be on the horizon??

During Monday’s episode, Sonny and Michael rehashed some of their history- the fact that Jason raised Michael during his first year and always was there for him like a second father. Michael has called Sonny ‘DAD’ his entire life, so how will he take it now that AJ has returned and is hell bent on invading his son’s life no matter what he wants? Time will tell.

I feel there are plenty of Q fights, backstabbing, blackmailing and dysfunction headed our way! So get ready to RUMBLE!!! The Quartermaine’s are about to get down and dirty…the way it should be!

What do you think about AJ’s return? What would you like to see happen between AJ and Michael? Tell us what you think! Post your comments and we’ll use your comments in a future RHeart Radio, the Fan’s Voice broadcast!

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