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Looking for that rare game or want to sample one? Sample a huge cache of over 6000 games at Has More Than 6000 Titles Available for Rent/Purchase

If you’re looking for that hard to find game, then you can try searching among more than 6000 game titles at, which began in 2002. Besides the extensive collection, the web site includes consumer partner information, user comments, and a game store for permanent purchases.

Members can rent two games at a time for $22.95 per month (plus any applicable tax) or one game at a time for $15.95 a month. Gamefly also offers reduced rates for the first month rental plan. Once you join, you enter a list of games you want called the “GameQ."

Consoles include PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance. The best feature is the availability indicator on each game. You can take a risk on a new release with low availability, but make sure you get another game as soon as you return a game, by choosing one with a higher availability rating next on your GameQ list.

You receive games in pre-paid envelopes. Send them back when you’re done and receive the next game in your “GameQ”.

The Gamefly website has special newsletters you can subscribe to including popular game lists organized by console as well as cross console games, “E” rated games and sports games. The live chat provides another useful communications tool on the website as well as providing more help/sales opportunities for people on the other side of the communications line. Nothing too pushy and the chat window gives you a thank you note after a certain amount of time. also recently began two new websites which feature chat features.

  • has more than 500 Flash based games, including games played through web browsers on the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. Game categories include action, adventure, puzzle, role playing games, shooters, strategy and sports/racing. A "boss button” option protects player privacy while full-screen options provide even more appeal.
  • The unique GameAnswers Q & A website features a forum for extensive discussions and opinions. This website categorizes queries like most popular questions, while rewarding active users through an accruing point system. Visitors can track top active users and receive update alerts.

If you enjoyed yourself so much that you want to keep your Gamefly rental, some games offer the option to buy. Once you purchase a game, Gamefly will send the original manual and case at no cost to current members. Extended members can even earn bonus rewards like game discounts.

Extended members also get trade-in options where you can send in their used games. You can check current trade-in values on the Gamefly website through price, title, release dates and member rating categories which can be sorted and even complied into a larger text list.

Current major Gamefly shipping hubs include Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida. Members can cancel online or by phone. No charges for canceling or restarting your account (your login information and GameQ is available for one year after you cancel).

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