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Game Review: ‘Popcorn Party’ from Endless Games

Popcorn Party from Endless Games is a riotous time trying to catch a “popcorn” missile being blasted off the table into hilarity. Its rules are straightforward, and its action comes in timely rounds, making it a perfect addition to family game night that will have adults as excited as the kids to get things a-poppin’ without being exhausting.

Popcorn Party begins with each player receiving a hand of cards with popcorn-themed symbols such as sweet caramel, salt, cheese, or a spicy pepper. Each player takes turns rolling three dice with these same symbols, but the real game is in matching whatever has been rolled with the cards in hand.

All players work to get a four-of-a-kind match, at which point they can call out the directions at the top of the card to pop the popcorn soft-dart set as a miniature air rocket “popcorn” in the middle of the table. The cards give directions on who may attempt to catch the popcorn, whether it’s all players, the player to the left or right of the person with the match, or the person who made the match.

Then players pass their cards, which keeps everyone on their toes about what matches they can make on the next roller’s throw of the dice.

The scoring in Popcorn Party is made especially simple by the milk-cap chips players race to collect from a pot of 10 in the middle of the table. Any player who makes a four-card set gets a chip. Any player is able to catch the popcorn if they are named by the cards. Players should be on guard not to try to catch the popcorn if they are not listed on the card, since doing so will cost them a chip. Play continues until the 10 chips are gone, at which point more cards are dealt out. When the third pot of 10 chips is emptied, the game is over, and the player with the most chips is the winner.

Popcorn Party is a collecting and dexterity game for two or more players aged eight and up. The matching play engages all players to keep an eye on what is rolled so they can be the first to call out a set of four. The catching mechanic makes Popcorn Party an energetic game, sometimes giving one player the spotlight as being the only one tasked with catching, and sometimes making it a competition with others to grab hold of the popcorn.

Rounds are quick with at least one and often more chips handed out with each roll of the dice. Even with three rounds, a whole game of Popcorn Party will last only 15 or so minutes, depending on how fast players roll. Special variations can make games even faster, such as needing only three-of-a-kind or allowing multiple matches. If more than one player has a match, they may call out theirs, too. This makes for a wild time, with popcorn popping like fireworks.

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