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Game Review: ‘Horror Trivia Part II: Deeper Cuts’ from Endless Games

Horror Trivia Part II: Deeper Cuts brings another dose of terrifying movie trivia courtesy of Endless Games. Deeper Cuts serves as a sequel to the first Horror Trivia, where players race to see who can gather weapons first in order to survive, all by testing their scary-movie knowledge. Now players must fight for survival again with a whole slew of new questions.

The rules of Deeper Cuts follows the rules of the original Horror Trivia, since, as viewers learned in Scream, there are certain rules that one must abide by in the field of horror. Players individually or on teams answer questions from the 150-card set. Each card has two questions, and players must answer both questions to win the card. A single slip-up on either of them, just like tripping in a graveyard with the murderer close behind, means the turn is over.

Each card has a weapon icon on it, ranging from chainsaws to crucifixes to crossbows and axes. The players who first collect three different items wins. This is a great mechanic to balance the playing field between the horror aficionados and the newbies. Those horror buffs will be able to answer questions quickly, but each time they collect a card, that is one type of weapon that is no longer of use to them, slowing them down.

Deeper Cuts stands out from the original Horror Trivia by upping the ante in the difficulty of the questions. Those with some horror history might well know the Clive Barker film where Kristy’s Uncle Frank’s last words were “Jesus wept” (Hellraiser) just from having watched it, but they will have to go a step beyond to know what slasher film character is almost always referred to as “The Shape” in the script. Some questions are certainly easier than others, such as naming the film featuring the portrait of Vigo the Carpathian or the nickname of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Other questions stem from more eclectic films, such as that 1992 psycho thriller where Larry Drake plays a character with a penchant for laughter.

Horror Trivia Part II: Deeper Cuts is a trivia game for two or more players aged 13 and up. Game length will depend on the players’ knowledge of the horror genre, but games typically last 20 to 30 minutes, making it a great party game activity. For a bunch of horror geniuses who are lucky on the draw with weapons, it could be over in just three rounds. That will make players want a rematch to dive into even more scary times. For a marathon, players could even combine cards from the original Horror Trivia and go all night until dawn peeks over the treetops.

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