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Party Game Review: ‘Horror Trivia’ from Endless Games

Horror Trivia from Endless Games brings the wide range of scary movies and literature into one box to test players’ mental fortitude. As in most trivia games, the basic mechanics are straightforward: Answer questions to win points. Horror Trivia tweaks this formula with an innovative collection mechanic to make things a little more interesting.

In Horror Trivia, players may band together in teams or stand alone as the questions come flying. The person most likely to die first in a horror movie serves as the first victim, as another player pulls a card with two questions listed and reads the top one first, such as “What hangs above Tina’s bed in A Nightmare on Elm Street?” To make progress toward surviving, the player must answer the question correctly. Otherwise the player’s turn is over, and the game continues with the next player.

If a player answers the question correctly, the reader moves to the second question on the card. The questions have no relation to one another; one, for example, pairs The Thing with the completely different “What 1990 movie about an infestation of murderous spiders features John Goodman & Jeff Daniels?” This dual-question mechanic means players will have to have a wide breadth of Horror knowledge to win.

When players in Horror Trivia do answer two questions on a card correctly, they receive the card as a trophy. Rather than just requiring players to collect a certain number of cards, as in other games, Horror Trivia shakes things up by giving each card a weapons symbol, like an axe, chainsaw, or cross. Players must collect three of the five symbols to win. This randomization can slow down players who may have more horror knowledge, or give a lucky boost, which is a solid way to survive a thriller.

The wide range of questions in Horror Trivia sets it apart from similar games. It digs deeply into the genre, pulling questions from more recent films like 1408 as well as classics like The Silence of the Lambs. Cult favorites like Ginger Snaps and Alice, Sweet Alice make appearance,s along with lesser known movies like Phenomena and 1979’s Tourist Trap. Be assured that any game of Horror Trivia will likely end up with a big list of movies for players to check out to boost their familiarity with all things creepy.

Horror Trivia is a trivia-answering game for two or more players aged 13 and up. As the length of the game is based on players’ abilities to answer the questions correctly, rounds could be finished very quickly for horror geniuses, or they could go longer while players struggle to remember what they saw last summer. With a comfortable price point of only $9.99, Horror Trivia is a great treat for the Halloween season and all year round.

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