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Cordskinz is a simple and fashionable solution to a tangled problem.

Gadget Review: Cordskiz – Untangle Your Earbud and Headphone Headaches

cordskinzIf you’ve been reading my reviews long enough you know I have tried out a number of headphones, earbuds, and other techie headsets. No matter the surface differences, one thing always remains the same: the cords. (OK, not necessarily for the wireless ones, but let’s leave those to the side.) Cordskinz is a simple little gift that’s here to help tame those fuses of frustration.

Cordskinz is a nifty, straightforward, and practical solution to the very common problem of tangled cords. In a range of eleven colors, these sleeves slide easily over your existing headphones cords with the help of a widget called the Skinner. Feed your Cordskinz through it alongside your headphone cord and out they come, paired together and tangle-free.

I’ve already applied them to two different wired headphones in my collection. I chose a red/blue combo on one set, so when I wear it they kind of give off this blood-pumping heartbeat look. For some folks I know, music is very much a heartbeat that carries them through life.

On most cords the Cordskinz will work flawlessly, but you may find it doesn’t fit perfectly around some thicker cables. Even so, I found through testing that the effect is virtually the same. The tangles are completely gone or reduced to almost nothing. I trucked my test headsets back and forth from work in a large pocket in my backpack, with no winding, no care taken at all, just to see how these would perform. I fully admit they did their job.

These made-in-the-USA items are even better than just great gifts for your frustrated friends, they’re hugely affordable, at only $9.99/pair. At that price you can send multiple colors to your fashion-conscious music-lover friends and toss a couple in for yourself.

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