Thursday , February 22 2024
Linquet is here to not just help you find your stuff, but stop you from losing it in the first place.

Gadget Launch: Linquet – An Anti-Loss Solution

We are living in a society where our stuff is able to store so much more information and becoming increasingly practical, while shrinking smaller and smaller. The result is incredibly tiny things become impossibly valuable to our daily lives. Once lost, we wander around in a haze, stumbling under chairs, couches, and beds looking for a sign leading us back to our patterned life.

Launching on 11/25/14, Linquet will make a valiant attempt to reunite us with our stuff.

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These tiny devices pick up on the growing industry of attaching to your important items (keys, phone, camera, etc…) and allows you to locate them through a cloud service ranging from $1.99/month to $14.99/month. Now why would you want to buy these devices and then pay a monthly charge on top of it? Linquet completely agrees with you, that’s why the devices themselves are free.

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Beyond helping you locate lost items, they can also stop you from losing them in the first place by setting off an alarm when your linked phone moves too far away from the item. You can customize the distances these react to, so a larger distance for your pet, but a short distance for your keys.

Also if the item is stolen, you can follow it in real time on a cloud-sourced map, so you can direct friends, family, or law enforcement to the exact location. Or you can privately share the location of something you left behind to a friend in the neighborhood so they can swing by and grab it for you, without setting off the alarm and drawing attention to it.

In the growing sharing economy, these devices fit right in by allowing you to “rent” out objects to friends or clients, while keeping track of them the whole time.

In regards to specifics, the Linquet device runs Bluetooth 4.0 with a 150ft reach in open space. The size is only 30mm x 23.4mm x 4.8mm, so this is not going to add a huge amount of bulk to your bag of goodies. Lastly, the battery will last you up to one year and can be replaced by a simple coin cell battery.

I’ve admittedly lost a few things in my lifetime and would kill to get some of them back, so I’m looking forward to testing these out and stopping that terrible tradition in its tracks.


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