Wednesday , May 22 2024
Reflecting on history, from 7/7 to the "slavewoman Kitty", who split a church, to international relations on the sub-continent.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 62 (Women Bloggers)

Ten great posts from 10 new (to me) women bloggers. It is here every Friday (more or less…)

Starting political, Comebacknikki on Starfish and Coffee is setting out why she has a little crush on Barack Obama. On Solidly Average, Nio is meanwhile considering the hot US issue of public prayer.

Now I know I've pointed to this blog before, but not, I think, particularly to Patricia Lee Sharp, so check out this nuanced view on the current state of Afghanistan, with a brief but informative note on the history of international relations in the region.

Here across the pond, Jane Henry on Maniac Mum has been reflecting on her experience of 7/7 and The Huntress is giving up Grazia magazine. It won't be much of a wrench: "on every other page I'm faced with something irritating to my feminist viewpoint".

Churchgal is contemplating issues of contraception and personal autonomy and on Reverend Mommy's Random Musings, there's a fascinating account of church history. This is "where in 1844 the slavewoman Kitty's ownership was debated — and the place where the Methodist church split in two over her".

Now you won't often find three "religious" bloggers here, but I'm giving myself an extra tick (since I try to range widely) for adding in a post not just about the church, but music as well (another under-represented area), from Steeples & Peoples, about Christian music and the 90/10 rule.

On the personal side: Moving house – you've read the stress figures, so sympathise with Aayor, for whom the stresses are stacking up. Weight loss is another huge stress area — which is bigger? Perhaps the latter, since house-moving at least usually has a finite timeframe — and Beckie on Becks Challenge sets out her journey.

If you missed the last edition, it is on my home blog Philobiblon.

Please: In the next week if you read, or write, a post by a woman blogger and think “that deserves a wider audience” (particularly someone who doesn’t yet get many hits), drop a comment. It really does make my life easier.

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