Thursday , May 30 2024
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Friday Femmes Fatales No 56 (Women Bloggers)

Ten great posts from ten new (to me) women bloggers. It is here every Friday (more or less…)

Starting on the political side, Lisa Goodman writing for On the Face reports on the detention of an Egyptian democracy blogger. And suggests what you can do.

Then a message to all gossips: Jen Gray explains what it feels like when virtual strangers feel empowered to comment on your life.

Turning literary, Cat on Goblin Market identifies a new genre — mythpunk. Although the term might need to be wrestled from the gamers…

Meanwhile on The Ice Floe, the problem is deciding what to wear to a poetry reading.

Generally, it seems to be a week for reflections: Jama on Pilgrimgirl counts her blessings as she answers the question: “Are you living the life you had planned for yourself?” The Caroline on Exponent II reports on the joys of aging for women, from the perspective of her fifties.

Zephoria on Apophenia reflects on the pitfalls of becoming a media ‘talking head’: “truth can’t prevail in this system and that’s just painful to experience.”

On Laughtear, Amelia concludes that the nature of grad school is “not flying. it’s falling — with style”.

Robyn and friends on R’s Live Journal consider some of the possible pitfalls of martial arts training: “Low-to-mid belt is all about unlearning everything your mom told you about roughhousing.” (And there’s a bit in there about the advantages of female anatomy — good to focus on when it is so often seen the other way.)

Finally, for a bit of navel-gazing, K. on Miscellany wonders about all of those soon-aborted blogs, and their links.

If you missed last week’s edition, it is available at Philobiblon, or you can view the entire series on Blogcritics.

Please: In the next week if you read, or write, a post by a woman blogger and think “that deserves a wider audience” (particularly someone who doesn’t yet get many hits), drop a comment. It really does make my life easier. (Thanks to Maxine and Holly this week!)

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