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Lucky White Girl kept her laptop in the oven for safekeeping, but ...

Friday Femmes Fatales No 33 (Women Bloggers)

You know the score – ten new female bloggers, ten top posts, on my way to 400. It answers the question: where are all the female bloggers?

Patricia Lay-Dorsey is an American who has been delivering an anti-war message in Beiruit. What really grabbed me on her blog Windchime Walker, however, are her accounts of her travels. You’ll have to read a few to realise that she has a serious disability.

Staying international, On A Whole Year: What I Wish I’d Known About Being the Parent of an Exchange Student, a mother talks about some of the memories her daughter has been left with – and why there’s a touch of sadness in a smoking ban.

Turning scientific, Tara C. Smith on Aetiology reports how a myth about Komodo Dragons has finally been dispelled. (She’s a great source for subtle science that won’t make the headlines because it is, well, too subtle and nuanced.)

Now all of the humanities PhD students who read this blog, be warned: if you were doing the same thing in science, you’d also have to wrestle an array of dangerous instruments That report’s from Disgruntled Julie: A PhD in Progress.

But just don’t mention the maths, at least not around Laura, author of After the Ratrace, subtitled “Life After Marketing”. She’s training to be a counsellor, but having a statistical nightmare.

Turning literary, The Written Nerd is an “independent bookseller” (nice to know there are a few left). So you might want to check out her recommendations for plane reading. They’re suitably eclectic.

Then on the personal front, Dry Bones Dance reflects on things to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

There’s a political take on holiday from Marisa Treviño on Latina Lista. I know what the Macy’s parade is because it is one of those pictures that “foreign” newspapers run without fail every year, but this year there’ll be a Latina character for the first time.

Then read an explanation from Minta’s Midnight Musings on why there’s really no reason to celebrate.

Finally, don’t miss this post, a cautionary tale with an astonishingly good ending. Lucky White Girl kept her laptop in the oven for safekeeping, but …


You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.

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