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Let’s say you’re a talented unknown singer. What’s the best thing that could happen to you? You get precious face time on American Idol as both a singer and a personality. Then, after making the semi-finals, you get kicked off the show, which leads to a public outcry and very public petition for your return. It’s gold, it’s money in the bank – it almost seems planned. She suddenly has a career:

    Frenchie Davis had quite a Grammy week. She met Aretha Franklin. She sang a few bars of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going for J Records founder Clive Davis. She held the mike doing fashion chat for Entertainment Tonight.

    This past weekend she was home in L.A., mulling a comedy movie script and other offers.

    Who needs American Idol? ”I don’t,” says Davis, 23, who has gone from Idol boot-ee to a performer with a fan base and wide recognition.

    Davis worked the red carpet for E.T. at the Grammy ceremony in New York on Feb. 23, as well as Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy bash and the BMG label party.

    ”It was really wonderful,” she says. ”People were so nice and supportive.”

    The Idol semifinalist has been on quite a ride since the show dropped her because she appeared at age 19 on an adult Web site that appeals to men interested in underage girls. When she was ousted, the show’s producers signed her to a contract ”to further explore her career.”

    ….Meanwhile, Tom Ennis of 19 Management is seeking a recording contract for Davis; he calls her ”an incredible talent, a charming woman, bright beyond belief.”

    ….What does Davis say she has to offer? ”I have a really nice personality and I’m a genuine person, sort of what you see is what you get.” One goal: ”I could possibly change this country’s view of full-figured women.”

    For Grammy night, she wore a red/black top by Marina with Lane Bryant black pants. She described her look as ”sexy big girl.”

    She might get a stylist. ”But if I do decide to lose weight, it will be my decision. I like the way I’m shaped; it’s not like I have three stomachs. I love my figure! With my breasts, how would I look if I was too (thin)? And it’s cultural — black women have curves.” [USA Today]

Um, yeah. She has a tremendous voice, great personality, and I am very happy for her success – but drop the weight alibis, please. She is never going to be svelte, and that’s okay, but dropping a few wouldn’t hurt – the curves will remain.

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