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Turning an idea into a plan of action can be daunting, but many digital solutions can help your business gain momentum.

Five Tech Tools That Save Time in the Creative Process

Turning an idea into a plan of action can be a daunting task, but many digital solutions in the app marketplace can help your business gain momentum and generate new products and services. Project managers are all too familiar with the process of bringing a vague concept to fruition; creative professionals are often called in to help bring these ideas to completion.

Designers, copywriters, and other creative types can get stuck from time to time, though. Here are five tech tools that companies can use to streamline this process.

1. Evernote

When genius ideas strike, where do people usually jot their notes? On a slip of paper, the back of a receipt, perhaps even a napkin? How often do people try to remember a great idea without writing it down, only to have it disappear?

Solutions like Evernote allow people to record short snippets of text, audio, photographs, and documents and file them away for later use. The business version of Evernote allows company employees to share the same projects and access to documents. For collaborative environments, Evernote can be an excellent brainstorming tool.

2. Google Drive

This cloud powerhouse combines web-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools so creative professionals can work on the go. Google’s range of web apps can be accessed through a web browser at any time.

Since everything is stored remotely, creative professionals don’t need to tap their foot during lengthy uploads and downloads. Everything is edited within Google Drive and saved there, ready for the next person to look at it. Like Evernote, Google Drive allows multiple parties to share documents and lead projects to completion.

3. Brainstormer

When ideas run dry, it’s sometimes hard to get back into a creative zone. That’s where Brainstormer comes in. This whimsical app behaves like a roulette table, with a range of nouns, adjectives, and descriptors cycling by.


Once the user taps on the screen, the movement stops, providing you with a random combination of words. This can help both artists and content authors come up with fresh perspectives when their mind is moving slowly. The app can also provide creative professionals with practice assignments, and help them limber up their imagination for an upcoming challenge.

4. Idea Flight

This collaboration app can help bring structure to a meeting by ensuring that everyone is literally on the same page. Idea Flight allows one “pilot” to lead a group with his or her tablet or cellphone, mirroring presentation materials onto all the participants’ devices.

The rest of the group can see exactly what the pilot is reading and doing on their own devices. A pilot who wants to prevent participant attention from wandering can use strict settings that allow students to see only one page at a time. IdeaFlight can be a great way to make sure everyone is seeing the correct information and focusing on a central speaker.

5. Databases

Creative professionals can speed up their performance by incorporating databases into their workflow. Photographers may want to catalog various shots for clients, allowing them to find a particular collection based on date, contact information, and location. People can look up historic projects and find out which creative approaches worked best when it came to product launches, updates, and marketing campaigns.

As Net Assets has observed on its tech blog, “Creativity is therefore not only an ability; it is also a process.” Guiding a project from its inception all the way to completion may require collaboration among several teams, with many people contributing their expertise and hard work to create a product or service.

The apps described above can help companies take a step in the right direction when it comes to speeding up the work of creative professionals.

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  1. I tend to just use DayOne for my genius ideas. Either that or MindNode which I find to be an excellent mindmapping tool. I even wrote a blog post about it but I’m not sure if links can be posted on this comments section?