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FCC “Media Giveaway” Rallies Today

CodePink, United for Peace and Justice, and other organizations are rallying today to protest the apparent loosening of media ownership rules by the FCC. We have been covering this action extensively, of course. Dawn Olsen womped on the state of commercial radio a couple days ago, conservative NY Times columnist William Safire noted the unlikely coalition of conservative and liberal forces united against the proposed action, and more here, here, and here.

Rally today:

    URGENT ACTION ALERT! Join us this Thursday, May 29th, as we protest at Clear Channel radio stations everywhere to STOP the
    FCC from deregulating the media on June 2nd. Join planned protests and phone-in campaigns in Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles or contact your local CODEPINK for details on a protest in your area. See for a comprehensive listing of Clear Channel protests.

    If you don’t have a planned protest in your area, go to
    Clear Channel’s website to find a station near
    you and organize your own! It only takes a small
    amount of time to make a powerful statement–see our
    Media Action Toolbox for ideas on planning your own media action. Bookmark this page to check back as the day of protest approaches for details on our planned actions.

    What is Media Deregulation?

    Michael Powell, Colin Powell’s son and Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is trying to push media de-regulation through quickly and quietly to allow massive media corporations to further monopolize our airwaves without the current restraints on media control and ownership. On June 2, the FCC is planning to authorize sweeping changes to the American news media that will allow your local TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and cable providers to all be owned by one company. NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox could have the same corporate parent. The resulting concentration of ownership could be deeply destructive to our democracy. When we talk to Congresspeople about this issue, their response is usually the same: “We only hear from media lobbyists on this. It seems like my constituents aren’t very concerned with this issue.” A few thousand emails could permanently change that perception.

    Protect the Public Interest

    We must protect the public interest from this attack on the freedom of our airwaves. We join with MoveOn in asking Congress and the FCC to fight media deregulation at This petition is an initiative of, CODEPINK, Media Alliance, United for Peace and Justice, and Global Exchange.

    Strange bedfellows: NRA, Rep. Kevin Martin & CODEPINK

    The fate of the media, large and small, print and broadcast rests in the hands of 36-year old lawyer Kevin Martin, one of three Republicans on the five-person Federal Communications Commission. “No other decision made in Washington will more directly affect how you will be informed, persuaded and entertained.”

    Read this and more about the FCC issue at CODEPINK in the News.

Details on the protests here:

    Washington, DC: Washington, DC Clear Channel Protest. Stop the FCC Media Giveaway!
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 12:30 PM
    Join Code Pink and others on Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 12:30pm as we say no more to Clear Channel and media monopolies! Brings posters and signs, and show the world that we demand truth over profit, diversity over monopoly!

    San Francisco, California: No More Clear Channels! Stop the FCC Media Giveaway
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 5 PM
    Please join Media Alliance, Global Exchange, CodePink, and the Youth Media Council and others as we protest in front of the Clear Channel/KMEL offices just days before the FCC votes on a dramatic media deregulation proposal.

    Portland, Oregon: CodePink Clear Channel Protest
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 4:30 PM
    Portland, Oregon Code Pink is planning an action at the Clear Channel offices on SW Macadam in Portland. We did an action there on May 8th (see ) and will do something similar. All of Portland is invited to join us. Pink is optional. Stay tuned!

    Thursday, May 29th 2003 Noon – 1:30 PM
    Clear Channel Communications is the poster child of everything that’s wrong with media deregulation. If the FCC passes Chairman Michael Powell’s proposed new media rules, companies like Clear Channel and Fox will be given even more control over the public airwaves than they already have. Protest Clear Channel Radio and the Media Monopoly in New York City on Thursday, May 29.

    Los Angeles, California: Stop Clear Channel and the FCC
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 Noon
    JOIN CodePink LA and others to protest the impending deregulation of the media by the FCC: CODEPINK is organizing protests at Clear Channel stations around the country at noon–in Los Angeles we are working on several ideas for an action that will get our point across in a powerful, provocative way. This is a great opportunity to get into the spirit of developing an action–as it happens!–quickly, spontaneously, efficiently organized and executed in response to an issue that needs immediate attention.

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: No More Clear Channels! Stop the FCC Media Giveaway, Stop the Mass Deception!
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 5 PM
    Protest Clear Channel Radio and the media monopoly on the Thursday before the FCC votes to dramatically deregualte the media. Here in Pittsburgh, Clear Channel owns at least six stations: WDVE-FM, KISS-FM, WWSW-FM, WXDX-FM and WBGG-AM.

    Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina: Clear Channel Protest
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 5:30 PM
    Please join ThinkingPeople and others at a Clear Channel protest in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. This is part of the national day of action against Clear Channel and the FCC media deregulation.

    Charlotte, North Carolina: Protest Clear Channel & the Media Monopoly
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 5:30PM to 7:00PM
    The FCC is poised to approve the most dramatic changes to media ownership regulations in decades on June 2. At the same time we are lobbying FCC Commissioners & our members of Congress, we need to take our opposition to the streets! Join us Clear Channel’s 106.5 The End & Magic 96.1 to demand no media monopoly. See Contact your representatives & the FCC at

    Colorado Springs, Colorado: Picket at Clear Channel Radio Stations KKLI, KMOM, and KVUU
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 7:30 AM and 4 PM pickets
    SAA launches this latest campaign to protect freedom of the press and speech along with the Pike’s Peak Justice and Peace Commission. The two groups are picketing Colorado Springs’ Clear Channel radio stations, KKLI, KMOM, and KVUU. The protest is part of a nationwide series of boycotts led by MoveOn, Code Pink, and United for Justice and Peace. On June 2, the FCC plans to authorize sweeping changes to the American news media that will allow local TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and cable providers to all be owned by one company.

    Raleigh, North Carolina: Clear Channel Protest
    Thursday, May 29th 2003 5 PM
    I have put together an impromptu protest against Clear Channel Raleigh (they have 4 Stations) at 5-7 Thursday. It will be featured on the NC Indymedia site. Please bring signs and join the national day of action against Clear Channel and the FCC media deregulation.

    Washington, DC: Protest at the FCC as it votes on Media Deregulation
    Monday, June 2nd 2003 9 AM
    Black Voices for Peace and a coalition of other organizations will hold a protest at the Federal Communications Commission, on Monday, June 2nd, at 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is scheduled to hold an open meeting the same morning to debate proposed changes FCC Broadcast ownership regulations.

Hey, it may not do any good, but it can’t hurt, and you’ll feel better for having taken action.

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