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Win a copy of War's first new studio album in two decades together with the first-ever CD release of the band's 1976 'Greatest Hits.'

EXCLUSIVE: Stream Advance Track from WAR’s New Studio Album ‘Evolutionary’ and Win New 2-CD Set

On May 19 legendary band War will release its first new studio album in two decades, featuring guest collaborations with Joe Walsh, Cheech & Chong, Tower of Power, Malik Yusef, and the USC Marching Band. Blogcritics has an exclusive advance stream of the track “Scream Stream” from the new disc, Evolutionary.

Evolutionary comes packaged in a two-CD set together with the first-ever release in digital or CD format of War’s newly remastered 1976 multi-platinum Greatest Hits collection, featuring “Cisco Kid,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”, “Low Rider” and seven other top tracks. Read on to see how to win a copy of the new 2-CD set.

HERO-PORTRAIT-black-backgroundThe new studio album, Evolutionary, was produced by Jerry Goldstein, who has worked with the band since its inception in 1969, and War founding member and vocalist Lonnie Jordan. It features Jordan, percussionist Marcos Reyes, guitarist Stuart Ziff, bassist Francisco “Pancho” Tomaselli, drummer Sal Rodriguez, saxophonist/flautist David Urquidi, and harmonica player Stanley Behrens. The songs highlight the band’s L.A. roots, Latin heritage, and connections to R&B, funk and hip-hop.

The band is currently on tour, on some dates co-headlining with Cheech & Chong.

TO WIN A COPY OF THE 2-CD SET, sign our mailing list and enter promo code “war” by midnight Eastern time on May 22, 2014.

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  1. Interesting that the listed “founding member” of War, Lonnie Jordan, was not in the predecessor band (The Creators) that evolved into War. The two original members, predating Jordan, were Howard Scott (guitar) and Harold Brown (drums). Bassist B.B. Dickerson then joined the band along with Jordan when the band changed its name to War.
    None of the other six musicians playing on this new studio release had anything to do with the historic War — with the partial exception of percussionist Sal Rodreguez, who joined War about thirty years later (1994) during a comeback tour.

    Meanwhile,an active touring band which calls itself the Lowrider Band includes three of the original four members of War. So while Jordan somehow obtained the rights to the name, the Lowrider Band really had the more legitimate pedigree.

    • Thank you very much, rowrbazzle, for setting some things straight about the current band called “WAR”. As one of WAR’s biggest fans, I would like to give some more insight as to what happened with the WAR name.
      WAR was originally seven very talented artists. Two have passed away, and five still perform their WAR music they all created and recorded when they were together. Unfortunately, the WAR name was underhandedly copywritten by WAR’s producer, who then took the original members to federal court for sole rights to the WAR name. This producer was granted the sole right to use the WAR name in 1999, while four of the five WAR artists refused to be puppets to this producer for the WAR name THEY made famous, and were given papers to cease and desist from using the WAR name for promotional purposes. They cannot even say original or former members of WAR. One WAR artist, and I’m sure you know who that is, sold out his four WAR brothers for the fame of the WAR name. He doesn’t even own the rights to the WAR name. It’s sad to say about an original WAR member of my favorite band, but he’s just a puppet on a string. How do I know all this? It’s because I’ve followed WAR most of my life and have been burned by the fake WAR band, thinking that the rest of WAR had died, or didn’t want to perform their WAR music anymore. As far as true WARrior’s are concerned, the LOWRIDER BAND is still WAR, even without their WAR name.
      PS There are actually four original WAR members in the LOWRIDER BAND. Howard Scott/guitar, Harold Brown/drums, BB Dickerson/bass, Lee Oskar/harmonica. And they all wrote, sang, and played on all WAR music, not just Lonnie Jordan by himself.

      Thanks again for delivering the word, rowrbazzle! Three fingers and a smile. 🙂