Tuesday , May 17 2022

“Eat Me”

Perversion, cannibalism, SELF-CANNIBALISM (!!!) in Germany. Sure, we had the charming Jeffrey Dahmer, but did we ever have anyone eat himself? I guess this proves that statistically, given time and several billion people, anything and everything will happen eventually:

    German police are watching home videos made by an alleged sex cannibal who reportedly shared a last meal of flambeed penis with his willing victim before carving him up and freezing the man’s remaining body parts to eat later.

    ….Police arrested the man after he posted an Internet ad seeking another male volunteer to satisfy his appetites.

    “We’re watching the videotapes and searching his house. There are several tapes,” said a spokesman for police combing the suspect’s elegant half-timbered home in the picturesque town of Rotenburg-an-der-Fulda, near Kassel, Thursday.

    They had already found deep-frozen human flesh and bones as well as video recordings of the exceptionally bizarre crime.

    ….”The deed appears to stem from cannibalistic and homosexual tendencies shared by both men,” police said Wednesday in a statement so grisly in its detail that the nation’s biggest selling newspaper, Bild, reprinted it word for word.

    “The accused supposedly first cut off the penis of the victim by mutual agreement because they wanted to eat it together,” the statement continued.

    ….Bild’s giant front-page headline ran: “Cannibal Devours Berliner.” To Germans, a Berliner is also a jam doughnut.

    The dead man apparently replied to an ad posted on the Internet, prosecutors said. One newspaper said it read: “Seeking young, well-built 18- to 30-year-old for slaughter.” [Reuters]

If anything happens sicker than this, I don’t want to hear about it.

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