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Trudie Styler's latest yoga video with celebrity trainer james D'Silva helps build strength and grace.

DVD Review: Trudie Styler: Strengthen & Restore Yoga

Trudie Styler: Strengthen & Restore Yoga is the actress’s seventh yoga DVD release.

The DVD has a total run time of 81 minutes and features Styler going through the workouts with celebrity trainer James D’Silva. The pair are accomplished and graceful, and users will want to strive to match them in their flowing routines. The programs can be performed to an audio track of D’Silva, describing each move, or viewers can choose to follow along with D’Silva and Styler with only a musical track playing.

Trudie Styler: Strengthen & Restore Yoga includes three separate yoga practices:

Trudie’s Toning Practice, which runs 20 minutes — Styler and D’Silva work through classic yoga poses designed to stretch and tone muscles. They are filmed outside, at the farm Styler shares with husband Sting and their family.

Strong Body & Mind (45 minutes) — Vinyasa Flow movements, primarily floorwork (but also filmed in a beautiful outdoors location), designed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.

Calming Meditation (6 minutes) — D’Silva walks you through a seated meditation, stressing visualization to create body strength.

There is also a bonus practice, a peaceful nighttime routine to aid relaxation that can be downloaded, Winding Down, which runs 10 minutes.

Although Styler and D’Silva are most definitely advanced in their practice, the video workouts can be done by people new to yoga. It helps to know the basic positions, as the pair go through the moves in a steady fluid motion — not fast, but without pause. Newbies might want to just watch first and then join in on a second viewing. There are some over-the-head extensions and deep bends and stretches that definitely need to be worked up to, as not everyone will be able to match D’Silva’s extensions. But he continually stresses that viewers should stretch in a pose only as far as they can at the moment.

The two main workouts are fairly intense, and practitioners might want to do different workouts on different days, focusing on stretching one day, building strength on another.

An accompanying mobile app has been released in conjunction with the DVD, which also includes a photo gallery of Trudie and Stings’ organic farm in England. Trudie Styler: Strengthen & Restore Yoga is a great addition to a home workout regime.

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