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A New DVD Line for Toddlers to encourage a love for reading.

DVD Review: Scholastic Storybook Treasures My First Series – Splat the Cat

Scholastic Books, in collaboration with Weston Woods, is releasing an exciting new line of DVDs specifically created to support early literacy skills and a love of reading titled Scholastic Storybook Treasures My First Series. This DVD video collection will be available May 10.

Scholastic Storybook Treasures My First Series, featuring Splat the Cat is a compilation of 14 wonderful and endearing stories on a three-DVD set. The stories are adapted from the Scholastic books, which have entertained and educated children all over the world.


The DVD I reviewed was Splat the Cat and Other Furry Friends, which features four beautifully adapted stories. This disc starts with the title tale, Splat the Cat from best-selling author/illustrator Rob Scotton (Splat and the Russell the Sheep series).

Splat the Cat is the story of a young cat on his way to his first day of school, and how he is scared to go to a new and unfamiliar place. Splat is shy and unsure of himself and of how his day will be, will he make new friends? Will he be smart enough? And what will all the other young cats think of him? Your kids will join Splat in this very special day, and find out how he was able to overcome his fears and be the cat his mother, and your family, knew he would be.

This story followed by Hondo & Fabian, a story of two friends, a cat and a dog, who each have a special day of adventures, which they share with us. We get to see how Hondo & Fabian play, frolic and be themselves.

In the story Picnic a family of mice goes on a picnic, and plans a big day of fun, but the story unfolds in surprise. You see the characters use problem solving skills and children learn how to be observant.

The final story on the disc is just as great as the first. In Leo Lionni’s Leo the Late Bloomer, we meet Leo, a little tiger cub that can’t seem to do anything right, until one day when he becomes the special little cub his parents hoped he would be.

The movies are narrated by celebrity voices, including Tim Curry and Mary Beth Hurt; the DVD also includes an interview with Splat the Cat Author/Illustrator, Rob Scotton.

Watching these stories was fun for both me and my children. The colorful illustrations, clever storytelling, and happy endings make “spending time with kids” fun for both parent and child. The movies with narration also include an option for subtitles, which can be used by parents to get the kids to read along and jump head first into the fabulous world of reading, guided by the ones who love them most.

In addition, the interviews with the artists and authors give parents insight into children’s book creative process. Who says kids get all the fun in this great collection of children’s videos?

Scholastic Storybook Treasures My First Series sets have a total running time of 100 minutes, not including bonus features like the interviews and a Bilingual version of The Story about Ping. At a list price of $25 makes this a very affordable addition to any household’s movie collection.

The Scholastic Storybook Treasures My First Series is a heartwarming and educational collection of stories your children will love, and every time they pick up a book to read, they will have you to thank for the moments you chose to spend with them.

More information is available from Scholastic Books

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