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Those heroic Jackasses are at it again.

DVD Review: Jackass 3.5: The Unrated Movie

It is hard to believe that over a decade has passed since the debut of Jackass. For something that began as a juvenile goof by teens and early twenty-somethings, the franchise has had incredible legs. The show was an instant hit on MTV, and made big stars out such non-traditional Hollywood types as Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Bam Margera, and others. There have been three Jackass feature films to date, and the whole franchise seems unstoppable.

This is readily apparent with the just released Jackass 3.5 DVD. Like the earlier Jackass 2.5, this is a straight-to-video release, featuring scenes that did not make it into the actual movie. I guess you could call these the leftovers, but most of this material is absolutely hilarious. In fact, some of these bits are funnier than those that did make it into the feature.

3.5 starts off strong with “Alligator Snapping Turtle.” The newly-sober Steve O is in his trademark thong telling us that this is the one stunt he had refused to do for years. One of the most vicious looking creatures I have ever seen is held up to the camera, an alligator snapping turtle. This turtle’s beak looks strong enough to snap through a lead pipe. He is then offered Steve O’s bare ass- cheek and clamps down. When he is finally pulled away, the turtle has left behind what looks to be a permanent bite mark, while the guys crack up uncontrollably.

Sometimes the titles alone provide sufficient explanation of what is going on. These include “Dildo Bazooka,” “Enema Long-Jump,” “Slip ‘N’ Bowl,” “Tennis Ball Nut Shot,” and “Fart Darts.” The scene they named “Wood Pecker” is literal. Steve Pontius manages to insert his sword into a hollowed out stick, and a woodpecker is brought in. When Woody’s beak breaks through the exterior, he just keeps on pecking.

Another great one features Spike Jonze dressed up as on obese old lady on the prowl. She asks men if they like her camel toe, and even sings a song that goes “I’m just a slut, I like it in my butt.” Sadly, Jonze gets no takers.

Some of the bonus materials are priceless. The MTV special Jackass: The Beginning is included and features some scenes that had never previously aired. In one we find Ryan Dunn walking up to a crowded bus stop, opening the trash can and digging for food. Unbeknownst to the people watching him, the crew had planted a diaper with chocolate pudding inside. When he begins to lick it clean, the group is absolutely repulsed. MTV deemed this one too disturbing for television, which was probably a good call. Additionally, there are deleted scenes, outtakes, and a six-minute “travelogue” of the European tour done for the opening of Jackass 3-D.

Jackass has always been your basic “love it or hate it” proposition, and 3.5 is certainly no exception. For fans like me who just cannot get enough though, this one’s a winner.

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