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The 6th Season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the fumiest and most outrageous yet.

DVD Review: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6

I don’t care what was said about the characters from Seinfeld in their last episode. The worst, most narcissistic and selfish humans in the world are the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Charlie, Mac, Dee, Frank and Dennis are back in their sixth season and are up to their worst as they go about their lives and the result is a hilarious DVD release which features the gang’s take on the Lethal Weapon franchise with Lethal Weapon 5.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia focuses on the lives of Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny Devito) who all hang out at (and run) a bar called Paddy’s Pub. Frank is Dee and Dennis’ father, who always treated them like dirt when they were kids, and Charlie and Mac are lifelong friends of the pair. It is important to say again that these people are horrible human beings. They are selfish, arrogant, petty and frankly awful people, even to each other, and that makes for some of the freshest and most outrageous television on the air today.

There is a loose continuity to the show, but generally it is used just to refer to mistakes or events from the past. This season they tied in Kaitlin Olson’s pregnancy into Dee’s character which caused some interesting episodes. The funniest example was near the middle of the season during ‘Who got Dee Pregnant’, in this episode the gang is calling her fat, as they do, and she states she is pregnant. They simply don’t care until she says one of them is the father. This results in a series of flashbacks to a Halloween party told from each characters perspective. I laughed out loud numerous times as the story unfolded which is par for the course for the series.

The rest of the season is equally strong with episodes that push the boundaries of taste and sanity. Scenarios like Dennis getting married as he feels older and then promptly divorcing the woman, and Charlie becoming even more unhinged as he embarks on a mission to kill rats. This season even has Mac and Dennis writing and starring in their own take on what Lethal Weapon 5 would be like, including the pair switching characters midway through the movie.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a truly hilarious series and season six is particularly good because the characters are genuinely funny in an absurd sense. Charlie is an imbecile in a naive way and he gets overly excited at nearly everything. Mac is not terribly bright and thinks he is a true man’s man. Dennis is a textbook narcissist and truly feels the world should be thankful he is around. Dee is vain like Dennis, but she is also high strung and very malleable. Frank is very rich but leads a simple life as Charlie’s roommate, determined to live life to the fullest.

Put this crew together and so many outrageous things happen. The gang goes on road trips and side swipes bicycles, they re-unite with old friends, get bored and ditch them, Frank and Charlie hang out with people under a bridge and Charlie and Mac advocate gay marriage. The shows continually push the boundary and generate laugh after laugh.

This DVD release contains a few extras including audio commentary tracks with all the cast (except Devito) for the episodes ‘The Gang Buys a Boat’, ‘Who got Dee Pregnant’, ‘Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats’ and ‘The Gang gets Stranded in the Woods’. These commentaries are quite good with the cast touching on random thoughts as well as what was really happening during the episodes. The best extra though is the standalone and (briefly) extended cut of Lethal Weapon 5.  This hilariously also includes an in character commentary by Dennis, Mac and Charlie. Their idea for the movie was hilarious, in particular because Mac and Dennis swapped their roles midway through the film.

Overall I have to say that the sixth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was one of their best yet and it makes for a great DVD release. The show looks crisp and sounds great as this was the first season filmed in HD which adds some fidelity to the DVD version. The commentary tracks are all enjoyable and well worth listening to as well. This is a great show and a great season and is highly recommended.

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