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Another volume (well, season) of a show that prides itself on overwhelmingly outrageous humor.

DVD Review: American Dad! – Volume 7

While the history books may prove to be the ultimate judges as to what people truly thought about the political ideals of George W. Bush and his controversial policies, there has been at least one thing to come out of it all that brings a good dosage of laughter to Americans near and far. Seth MacFarlane’s animated program, American Dad!, drew its motivation from the guidelines the Bush Administration dispensed upon the world during the former president’s regime. Now, since we’ve got Bush’s procedures as seen through the eyes of Mr. MacFarlane, you can bet your bottom Big Oil dollar that the comparisons are not going to be flattering to many Conservatives out there.

But then, I doubt many of them would watch this show anyway. Hell, I never even watch the series, but I’m not that big on crude, adult-oriented cartoons as it is. Sure, I like a good politically-incorrect joke every now and then (quite often, in fact), but there are times that American Dad! — just like its counterparts, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show — gets a bit too raunchy for even me. Even with Mr. MacFarlane’s excellent Paul Lynde impersonation in play, the humor here — which pokes fun at everything from sex to religion (and amen to that) — frequently gets overwhelmingly annoying.

For those of you not familiar with the series, American Dad! follows the outrageous antics of the Smith family in Virginia. Patriarch figure Stan — as neoconservative as one can get — works for the CIA as an agent and habitually abuses his patriotism and authority for his own warped reasons. His wife, Francine, is your average stereotypical blonde bimbo, while their children — hippie liberal Hayley and nonathletic geek Steve — represent the Yin and Yang-ish balance any dysfunctional family such as this is so well known for. Also joining the crew are two non-human characters: goldfish Klaus, and alien Roger (wherein the Paul Lynde voice comes into play). Actors Patrick Stewart and Zach Galafianakis are among some of the pros who provide their voices for guest characters in this season/volume.

American Dad!: Volume 7 is the latest release of the Fox Network show on DVD. Like many other animated Fox shows to hit disc, someone somewhere got their episodes all screwed up and released American Dad! in volumes instead of season sets. Volume 7 brings us all 19 episodes of the complete sixth season on three discs with a venerable selection of special features provided by Seth MacFarlane and his company, which include nine audio commentaries, featurettes, and deleted scenes. This release is an uncensored one, so try not to stare when they show Stan’s American member.

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