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The musical pairings we would like to see in 2012.

Dream Teams In Music For 2012

It is always interesting when musicians of a different stripe get together. They all seem to try it at one point or another. The big news in 2011 was the Lou Reed/Metallica album Lulu. It was fantastically awful in all the right ways. The idea of these old geezers getting together to try and to shore up their exhausted “rebellious” credentials was doomed from the start. But who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular disaster? It was entertaining, if nothing else.

Some collaborations have worked beyond all expectations. Remember Santana’s Supernatural album back in 1999? It was a huge hit, and the song “Smooth” with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 still sounds good on the radio all these years later. Before that there was Frank Sinatra’s Duets (1993), which even though the “duets” were recorded separately, worked quite well. And speaking of duets recorded separately, there was the huge Natalie Cole/ Nat King Cole version of “Unforgettable” that topped the charts in 1991.

The following is a list of the collaborations I would like to see happen in 2012:

1. ELO and ELP – “ELOPE”

2. Lil Wayne and Earth, Wind & Fire – “Riker’s Wonderland”

3. Adele and Keith Richards – “Some Junkie Like You”

4. Rihanna and Buster Poindexter – “We Found A Martini”

5. Florence and The Machine and Kraftwerk – “Enuff Z’nuff”

6. Ian Anderson and The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Aqualung”

7. Taylor Swift and The Jerky Boys – “Sparks Fly (Outta My Ass)”

8. Humble Pie and Lady Gaga – “Buy It!”

9. Kate Smith and Katy Perry – “Hello Everybody (Gonna Eat You Up)”

10. Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse – “Pills, Thrills, and Bellyaches”

So there you have it, the pairings I would like to see in 2012. Sorry Amy and Michael fans, but I heard they were both Happy Mondays fans.

Happy 2012!

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