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That any religion has ever been the fuel for violent crimes is an indictment of its failure.

Don’t Let the Mosque Grow Under Your Feet

Given all the buzz, the curiously named “Ground Zero Mosque” should be named “Mosqueto Ground Zero.” If no other Islamic facility existed in the area of Ground Zero I still wouldn’t understand the hubbub surrounding the debate about another going in, but there are many other Islamic facilities in the area, and some of them were there well before the day a gaggle of batshit crazy terrorist nutjobs went for the deadliest and most destructive joyride in American history.

Did anyone notice I didn’t use the word “Muslim” before the word “terrorist”? Has anyone noticed how often the word “Muslim” is placed in front of the word “terrorist”? No? Must just be me then that can see the difference between someone who is part of a religion for the good it can do for themselves and/or others and someone who uses an affiliation of any kind to hide and justify violent criminal acts against humanity.

Had the Irish Republican Army (IRA) taken their violence to the United States at any time, would we have disallowed the building of any Catholic centers? I’m betting not – because the people behind the facilities already in place wouldn’t have been associated with those who were on rampages.

For years it’s been “Why aren‘t peaceful Muslims coming out in protest against their violent brethren?” I suppose it’s because when they do (building a mosque is no different than building a church or a synagogue) they’re verbally shot down by those who asked about them in the first place. What’s a peaceful Muslim to do when those who hate for the sake of it aren’t willing to look just a little bit closer and see the difference between a peaceful religious person and a violent person who hides behind religion?

As an atheist, I’m not offended by the building of yet another Islamic center anywhere, much less near (not on, for those of you who aren’t keeping up) Ground Zero. I am offended by the entire debate. Instead of everyone banding together against violent criminals, it’s everyone splitting off into ever more groups against “them.” One of those groups is a bunch of Americans in favor of the mosque, and they’re against to a bunch of Americans opposed to it.

I am flabbergasted that so few people are willing to strip a violent criminal of his/her affiliations and refer to them only for what they are: violent criminals. Can anyone name the specific religious affiliation of a serial killer or even the reputable organizations of which any serial killer was a member? Do you now avoid those religions or organizations or anyone associated with them? A person can’t be a martyr for (insert group here) if that person has been publicly relieved of any association with (insert group here). Why are we giving terrorists the benefit, as it were, of affiliating themselves with anything other than the violence they’ve perpetrated?

Yes, the terrorists were Muslim. Name one religion on this planet that isn’t preaching and practicing hate and discontent on this planet right now (read: those in favor of Proposition 8, leaving pedophilic priests alone, protestors at funerals, rival religious gangs warring in Nigeria’s city of Jos, to name a few). Hate is not okay, no matter the mask it wears. Are the latter different or (cough) better because they haven’t killed anyone? What do you mean? Do you mean lately or someone you love? Is that what this is about – time healing all wounds, or more specifically time healing wounds you didn’t personally suffer?

That any religion has ever been the fuel for violent crimes or crime of any sort is an indictment of its failure. No religion on this planet is exempt.

Those who have suffered and still suffer because of the conflicts you support and/or aren’t a part of but forgive for no other reason than because time has passed or you just don’t care about it might have a word for you: self-centered. If someone being of the same faith as violent criminals is more important to you than violent criminals, you have issues that can’t be found in the constitution but rather the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Those issues can’t be settled in court, but rather a psychiatric facility.

From my perspective this is like watching a whole bunch of people from two sides of the same bacteria-ridden, beat-the-hell-up coin arguing about whose side should be face up. As someone looking at that coin on the ground, I would prefer you stay in the gutter so a child is less likely to pick you up and put you in its mouth.

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