Thursday , April 18 2024
Doctor Who is coming with a new Christmas special!

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol is Coming!

While it is true that I’ve already done some Christmas shopping, now that Thanksgiving is here I feel that I can really get ready for the holiday season, a time of year which I enjoy to a great degree.  There are in fact few things that I like better than the holiday season. 

As a part of my holiday celebration I actually try to make it a point to watch at least one version of A Christmas Carol (often The Muppets one) and to read the Dickens classic as well.  It is, for me, a holiday tradition.

I love a lot of other non-holiday things as well of course, and one of those things is the Whoniverse.  Much like Christmas, there is something wondrous and special about the Doctor, his companions, his enemies, and his stories.

Now, one of the ways to make me exceedingly happy is to combine the things I love, like, say, having Doctor Who actually airing its Christmas special on Christmas Day and having it be a Dickens’ Christmas Carol-inspired tale.  Seriously, that’s like taking a whole ball massive ball of goodness and condensing it into an hour-long  Christmas gobstopper (would that it were everlasting). 

Well, BBC America, Stephen Moffat, and a whole lot of other people (like current Doctor Matt Smith) are all getting together to give me quite the Christmas gift.  Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol will be in fact airing on Christmas Day. 

Yes that’s right, I’m insisting that they’re doing it all for me.  And why not?  I have the Christmas spirit.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol premieres December 25 at 9:00pm on BBC America, but you can see the trailer right here and right now.

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