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Do It Again?

I wonder if the electronic music community will have the same backlash against assumptions of their common left-leanings as the punks did.

Anyway, a contingent of electronic music artists is seeking to “ReDefeat” Bush:

    Los Angeles – Members of the electronic music community are coming together and coming out to RedefeatBush. Recently noted artists BT, Ken Jordan from The Crystal Method, DJ Christopher Lawrence, Tweaker and Nine Inch Nails co-founder Chris Vrenna gathered to support The Committee to Redefeat the President. The artists were photographed in RedefeatBush gear by noted photographer Kiino Villand in Hollywood. The photos will be used in RedefeatBush’s upcoming merchandise catalog. Check out a ‘picture says a thousand words’ photo of BT here.

    While at the photo shoot, several artists gave their opinions and reasons for supporting The Committee to Redefeat the President / Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method said “It was bad enough having this guy win the presidency without winning the election but he is invading countries, he lies to the country, and worst of all he is just neo-con puppet for the rich. We are doing everything we can to get out the vote and to support Kerry in November and ultimately we would like to have a President that knows how to read and pronounce ‘nuclear’!” (see photo)

    Christopher Lawrence, one America’s most popular DJs added, “I support The Committee to Redefeat the President / because, like the name says Bush lost the election, yet still became president. George Bush has the worst record of any president in history for the annual deficit, the economy, international relations, the environment, unemployment, workers rights and civil liberties. Now more then ever, every vote counts. Bush and his administration of hate and greed must be removed.” (see photo)

    Producer and artist Chris Vrenna held, “This 2004 election is the most important presidential election in my lifetime. I can not understand how Bush has taken the surplus that Clinton left and turned it into the largest deficit in US history. He has no regard for the environment. He wants to drill in nature reserves and roll back decades of clean-air laws. The US people were lied to about the Iraq war … no WMD, no cadence tying them to 9/11. The hypocrisy of our government there continues. We oust a torturous abusive dictator only to discover the US treatment of poor Iraqi prisoners. That is no way to lead by example! If Bush is elected or re-installed, we will be further in national debt, hated by the world community and be a polluted and unsafe nation.” (see photo)

    The Committee to Redefeat the President is an innovative and energetic political action committee, not affiliated with any candidate, whose goal is to register one million new Democratic voters in swing states. It organizes events across the country at which volunteers register voters in battleground states by telephone. Additionally, the organization reaches voters through humor and a bit of edge — our ReDefeat Bush condoms (saying, “Don’t Get Screwed Again”) are a best seller on the web site! It also raises money through online contributions, events, and the sale of merchandise, including buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts, and lawn signs.

As I mentioned, if I was a member of the electronic music community who didn’t unite behind the idea of “redefeating” Bush, I would object to the notion of the “electronic music community uniting” behind the cause.

Assuming I did not support Bush for reelection, I might still object to the childish, objectively false concept of “redefeating” him: in case the “redefeaters” are new to the niceties of the U.S. presidential election system, it is based upon the electoral college, awarded state by state on a winner-take-all basis, not by the overall popular vote. Bush won the electoral college, therefore he won the election. You can object on any number of grounds to the current system, but the outcome was the outcome: Bush won.

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