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The Top 10 Albums of 2005 - DJRadiohead Style.

DJRadiohead Podcast Experience Episode 10: Best of 2005

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So it took a long fucking time. What are you going to do? Have you come to expect anything less?

Anyway, this is it. My best of 2005 podcast. With a fuck and a shit (or 12) I countdown the Top 10 Albums of 2005. Actually, this podcast is slightly less profane than previous podcast episodes on account of there being more music and less DJRadiohead. It’s a shocking development but not a trend. I, along with the fucks, will return in Episode 11. Oh, and this podcast was recorded on Apple’s brand new iLife ’06. The production value of this show has like… quadrupled or something. There are bells. There are whistles. Big Boy Radio!

For the time being, Blogcritics will be the exclusive location of Episode 10 as I am revamping the home site ( So download it and enjoy. Join me in flushing 2005 right down the shitter and listening to the best the year had to offer.

I played one song from each of the Top 10 Albums. In no particular order, here are the 10 songs that were played:

* “Jesus Was an Only Son” – Bruce Springsteen
* “Missing” – Beck
* “All Your Love (I Miss Loving)” – Otis Rush
* “Lyla” – Oasis
* “As Ugly As I Seem” – The White Stripes
* “Tymps (the sick in the head song)” – Fiona Apple
* “29” – Ryan Adams
* “Sweet Illusions” – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
* “Some Cities” – Doves
* “Run Baby Run” – Garbage

I guess that kind of gives a hint as to which albums made my list but then so do the Amazon ads. That order is jumbled so tune in and find out who slotted where.

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