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Digital Photography

Digital photography is the process of creating an image of an object by recording the radiation — or light — onto a photosensitive medium. In digital photography, this medium is an electronic sensor. During a timed exposure, a controlled amount of light is captured by a device called a camera that stores the resulting information on the electronic media for further processing.

Once the image is recorded, it can then be processed. For digital photography, it can be done using a software product like Adobe Lightroom. From there, the image can then be printed or be placed on a Web site, photo-sharing sites, or displayed in other ways.

Digital photography can be done as a hobby, or practiced at the professional level. It is used for portraiture, advertising, illustration, journalistic efforts, fine art, and even in the science and technology fields. The transition from predominately film to predominately digital photography has been rapid. The transition period occurring from around 1995 to 2005, the digital revolution happened much faster than anyone imagined.

While many of the same techniques that were done in the days of Ansel Adams are still valid, now with tools like Adobe Photoshop, you have many more methods for working with digital photography, as well as many more opportunities for manipulation, and even dishonesty. What digital photography will be in another hundred years is anyone's guess.

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