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Over the next four years we’ll all be making comparisons between the new Donald Trump presidency and the soon to be departed Barack Obama presidency.

Difference with a Distinction

A contrast in style ans substanceOver the next four years we’ll all be making comparisons between the new Donald Trump presidency and the soon to be departed Barack Obama presidency. At first we will all carry our current partiality to that judgement, but eventually the differences will become so stark that no matter which presidency is preferred a spade will have to be called a spade – circumnavigating the facts will be ineffectual for all sides. Even the most deluded among us will have to face facts.


Some of what’s to be recognized can be conceded to from the get go; Barack Obama has been a president with dignity, grace, intellect, and a measure humility. Although he was unable to rally the America people against a do-nothing Congress, he has had a successful tenure as president without even a hint of scandal.


Donald Trump by everything exhibited in his 68 years as a private citizen – his year as a Republican Party presidential candidate, his ten months as presidential nominee, and his nearly two months as president-elect – has exhibited none of the qualities mentioned above save maybe intellect. Trump has, however, been able to assemble a large gang of the American people to his election cause despite his exhibitions of blustering, bullying, boasting, self-aggrandizement, and being a sexual braggart, but will these qualities will allow him to govern effectively? So while we await the answer to that question, is it time to concede that the tone of the presidency will be at half mast.


Barack Obama built a government that came close to resembling the people they represent – women, gays, Latinos, white men, blacks, Asians, and the disabled. Obama’s governmental team looked like those who voted for Obama. Trump has assembled a government of white male generals and white billionaires, who may also look like the people they will represent, but not the people who voted for Trump – a difference with a distinction.


Barack Obama, who is half white and half black but has no genetic African American heritage, choose right to identify as African American because even in his greatest achievement those with whom he is connected by genetics abandoned, rejected, and persecuted him and his presidency. Obama’s only connection to African Americans is that he claims (and loves) us and we claim (and love) him. Our under twelve year old children, as all of America’s children of that age, only know an America with a black president. Now they will see what an America with a white president looks and sounds like. Somehow the contrast between Obama and Trump will trickle down to them. And those of them who have received any training on proper morals and manners will favor what they have seen in Mr. Obama over what they will see in Mr. Trump.


Poor and working-class people will compare how well they fared under the Affordable Healthcare Act that President Obama championed and what Mr. Trump does with healthcare – appeal, appeal and replace, or just continue to kick the question around for political gain.


President Barack Obama ran a scandal free administration for eight years. The people in his administration behaved every bit as noble as he behaved; that kind of leadership emanates at the top and oozes down. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has nominated people to head government agencies whose functions the nominee opposes. His nominee for the Interior Department is an anti-environmentalist; his pick for Energy is a man who wants to abolish the department if he can remember it. The lady to run the Department of Education has long advocated a lesser role for public education. There is no doubt that Jeff Sessions, who is nominated for the Justice Department will under staff and short budget the Civil Rights Division, bottling up discrimination cases brought to the Justice Department, causing hardships for not only African Americans, but also for women, gays, Latinos, Asians, and the disabled – this will cause the earliest of the Trump administration’s many scandals.


The future can’t be seen into clearly enough just yet to envision how huge a deal the Russian guidance in the American election of Donald Trump will turn out to be. American politicians have dropped referring to Russia as “Communist Russia” maybe because the Russian re-reign has handed over all of the valuable state owned properties to the oligarchy, the Russian people live under Communism but capitalism has reached the ruling classes. So American politicians no longer warn the American people about the pitfalls of communism; perhaps they are preparing the American people for the acceptance of Communist Russia as a future partner in world affairs. Whereas Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama fought against Russian influence in the world, the president-elect seems to want to yield to it – a difference with a distinction.


One thing is clear to me now; the electorate can 180 in four years and much of how that turns will depend on the contrast the American voter see between the performance of the Obama presidency and what they see in these next four years of the Donald Trump production, if, indeed it lasts that long.

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  1. Dr Joseph S Maresca

    What does Potus-Elect Trump have to do to have a successful tenure as POTUS?

    On immigration, there is a longstanding fence first proposed by Potus Bush 43. A wall can be envisioned in some places but there are natural boundaries like mountains and the Rio Grande. Deportation is another issue. Gov Jeb Bush talked about 2 million as a doable program of deportation fairly consistent with the deportations in the current Administration. A 10-15 million deportation may not be doable practically and even Constitutionally. It could run afoul of the unreasonable search and seizure provisions of the Constitution and current stock of amendments.

    Rebuilding the inner cities is a priority which the new POTUS has signed onto. Infrastructure is another important area because the current Civil Engineering infrastructure is about a grade (C-).

    The new President believes that energy should be addressed across the board with solar, natural gas, clean coal and other modalities currently in a work in progress from previous administrations. The new Administration must adhere to clean coal or coal gasification.

    The patient protections of Obamacare need to be honored. Aside from that, some privatizing can be done. I’d prefer raising the threshold on Medicaid from 2x the poverty level to qualify to 3x the poverty level to qualify. This step alone would grandfather in millions in the lower middle class and truly make health care more affordable for the people who can’t afford it now.

    Additionally, more resources should be committed to the current Federal Hill Burton Program of 1946 which essentially builds new medical facilities. Free or significantly reduced health care costs are provided to the poor and lower middle class in exchange for mortgage forgiveness of the loan held by the federal government.

    Beyond that, I would penalize junk food and food additives in the same way as Europe and other countries have done. We need to bring back enforced gymnastics in the schools at every level and budget for this badly needed program. I agree with Former Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to tax sugary sodas and limit sugar content significantly. Today, child diabetes has grown to alarming levels and the tide must be reversed.

    Housing is not yet affordable. In my time, rents were about 20%- 25% of take home pay. Today, that percentage has grown to over 40% of take home pay. In large part, expensive housing has dwindled our middle class significantly with the exception of people who stand to inherit houses from their parents or family estates.

    Tax simplification for individuals and corporations is on the horizon as is the repatriation of $3 trillion or more in overseas corporate bank accounts. The incoming administration plans to tax this repatriation at a much lower rate to get the moneys back into this country and into the hands of businesses and employers.

    Potus – Elect Trump built a lot of housing in New York and repaired the Wolman Skating Rink. I’d like to see him work with Dr Carson MD (proposed HUD Secy) to rebuild Detroit and public housing like NYCHA. These are just a few of the things to be contemplated in a first term.

    The new Administration should embrace Community Policing over police arrest quotas and other more intrusive modalities aimed at reducing crime. The thing to do is to profile behavior and not ethnicity. Behavior is quantifiable historically by the “critical incidents method” in human resource terminology.

    Soon enough, a world currency may come into vogue just like the Euro did in Europe. And so, the new Administration will have to figure out how the US Dollar meshes with a World Currency.

    For sure, the new Administration has many issues on its plate.