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Cyrinda Foxe 1952-2002

This just in from New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain:

    Another New York Doll Died today…

    Cyrinda Foxe (born Kathleen Hetzekian) was the inspiration behind the David
    Bowie song “Jean Genie.” She was also the hottest Andy Warhol superstar ever!
    She really brought glamour to rock ‘n’ roll music with her self-invented Marilyn Monroe looks. The Armenian girl left Texas with the brightest red lipstick for New York City and became the self made star that she knew she always would be. When New York Doll David Johansen first saw her at Max’s Kansas City, he wanted her so “BAD” that he wrote the song “Looking For A Kiss”! It didn’t take long for their romance to sparkle. They became the super star couple of the Manhattan rock scene.

    I traded Foxe for her golden stretch lame`capri pants. She took my three piece gentleman’s dandy suit which I had purchased in London. Cyrinda loved wearing my suit! I fashioned the New York Dolls famous glitter rock signature look from Cyrinda’s own pedal pushers. Taking apart her pants to make a pattern, I then helped whipped up the look for the band. David Johansen wasn’t the only David in her life. When Bowie first stepped off the Q E 2 arriving in New York City, the first thing he wanted to see was “The New York Dolls” and he came to the Mercer Arts Center . Like an alien abduction, Billy (Doll) Murcia and Cyrinda Foxe vanished into Angie and David Bowie’s suite at The Plaza Hotel, only to re-emerge several long nights and short days later.

    David Bowie was now in love was with Cyrinda & Angei had a new lover Billy
    Doll! However Cyrinda chose to marry David Johansen. Their romance was the
    envy of everyone. Including Steven Tyler, whom she married in 1978. Johnny
    Thunders loved Cyrinda too! They had an on and off love affair for years!

    After Johnny Thunders died in spring of 1991, she came to one of my shows in
    New York City. It was so beautiful to see her again! She asked me to play the
    “Courageous Cat Theme” which was the instrumental that she loved and launched the glitter rock tour in 1973. She danced in front of the stage! Bouncing up and down just like It was the old days again.

    All I can say now is Cyrinda was such a special part of my youth. She turned me on to so many things that I’ll always carry her in my heart everyday of my

    Today heaven is a much cooler and glamorous place.
    Bye Sweetheart (((((Cyrinda))))) You will always live forever!

    (Sleep) Baby Doll

This from her page at Groupie Central:

    Cyrinda grew up idolizing the Rolling Stones and she eventually became involved with the New York Dolls, a glam-rock band often compared to the Stones. In 1977, Cyrinda married David Johansen, frontman for the New York Dolls. At the time, the New York Dolls had the same management as Aerosmith, and while Cyrinda was involved with David, she met Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler. After less than a year of marriage to David, Cyrinda left David for Steven. Cyrinda and Steven married and had a daughter, Mia, but the marriage was troubled by drug addiction, extramarital affairs, and physical and emotional abuse. Cyrinda and Steven divorced shortly before Aerosmith made a comeback in the late ’80s.

    In 1997, Cyrinda’s tell-all memoir, “Dream On,” was published to conflicting reaction (mostly negative) from Aerosmith fans. Not long after the book was released, Cyrinda announced that the paperback edition of “Dream On” would include nude photos of Steven. But in 1999, Steven won a lawsuit against Cyrinda to prevent her from publishing the nude pictures. In 2000, Cyrinda launched a web site in which she was selling nude pictures of Steven, but by the end of the year, the site was shut down for undisclosed reasons. In 2001, Cyrinda had a stroke that left her partially paralyzed, and she is also reportedly suffering from a brain tumor.

See photo album here; photos and discussion of her influence on Bowie here.

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