Tuesday , May 28 2024

Culture and Society

Tom Cruise: Ultrasound Rebel

If Tom Cruise gets any weirder, he may turn into Michael Jackson. In an interview taped October 30 that aired Tuesday on Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005, the movie star, Scientologist, scourge of the medicated multitudes, and theoretical impregnator of his fiancee Katy Holmes, said, …

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Blogcritics on Michael Jackson, Expatriate

Michael Jackson couldn’t stand the heat and so he went some place hotter: Bahrain. After he was found not guilty of child abuse and conspiracy charges in June, Jackson left his Neverland home in Santa Barbara County and went on a little jaunt to the Middle East with the three …

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Blogcritics.org on SUBJECT2DISCUSSION

Blogcritics.org has partnered with Shaun OMac Daily’s popular weekly web radio show SUBJECT2DISCUSSION, which airs Tuesday nights at 7 pm PT, 10 pm ET on the LV Rocks site, for a weekly pop culture report on the show from 8-8:30 PT. Shaun was kind enough to announce to the world, …

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Black Friday Revs Holiday eShopping Season

Last week I heard prognosticators opine that the opening blast of the holiday shopping season has shifted from the traditional brick-and-mortar Black Friday to Cyber Monday for online retailers, because so many online shoppers, who tend to be younger, use their work computers to make their cyber-purchases, and people don’t …

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