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The first-ever "intentionally creepy" bobblehead is a guaranteed conversation piece.

Cult Collectibles’ “Black Devil Doll” Weird Wobbler Arrives Mid-September 2010

Can somebody please explain the whole “phenomenon” behind bobbleheads to me?


I didn’t think so.

Okay, so they’re “cute.” And they “bobble.” Got it. They’re also really fucking creepy. Nevertheless, you have to hand it to the manufacturers of these cult objects of materialism: the mere fact that they manage to sell bobblehead figures at all has certainly caused my own noggin to dip about in a state of astonishment. Yes, from athletes and musicians, and actors to politicians, too, bobbleheads seem to dare you to ponder their very existence – which, in turn, may cause you to question your own purpose in this world.

As a side note, I feel the urge to point out that a dive bar in the “CAlabama” redneck town I live in proudly displays bobbleheads of both Mr. T and President Obama atop of its Jager machine – something I have never inquired about, but is just as creepy as bobbleheads themselves just the same.

And now, like a rouge, motorcycle-riding warrior emerging from a barren desert wasteland in an Italian-made Mad Max rip-off from the ’80s, comes Cult Collectibles: a company that specializes in what they like to call “Figures From The Fringe.” Or, as some of you may call them: retail oddities.

We’ve seen retail oddities before. Remember that plush Killer Rabbit from Monty Python And The Holy Grail? And don’t forget about the “Ash” (from the Evil Dead franchise) bobblehead. Such items are likely to be purchased by cult movie lovers like myself, but not without a certain amount of hesitation beforehand: “Hmmm, do I really need this? Will my life ever be complete if I don’t buy it?”

Questions like that have spawned many a theological debate amongst scholars for decades. Indeed, I’m sure the owner of the dive bar in my town wondered if investing in bobbleheads of Mr. T and President Obama to adorn his Jager machine with was a wise and worthy decision or not. But one will surely be left asking his or herself such queries – in addition to a solid, stern “What the FUCK?” when they comes face-to-face with Cult Collectibles’ debut oddity: the Black Devil Doll “Weird Wobbler.”

Wow. Talk about creepy. Not to mention delightfully politically incorrect!

It’s origin derives from the outrageous underground 2007 cult film, Black Devil Doll: the tale of an executed black militant serial killer whose soul is brought back from the very recesses of Hell (via a Ouija board) and placed into that of a foul-mouthed ventriloquist doll (if it sounds like an offensive blaxploitation version of 1988’s Child’s Play, think again: the movie was actually inspired by a low-budget jaw-dropper called Black Devil Doll From Hell, which was produced a full four years before Chuckie came out of the box to play).

Unlike most other bobbleheads, however, Cult Collectibles’ 7-inch lightweight polyresin figure is eerily reminiscent of his source material: complete with militant outfit, dagger, and a bucket of Oakland Fried Chicken (a joke from the film itself – FYI, the movie’s official artwork and website boast a tagline reading “Warning: This Film Offends Everyone!”).

The figure comes housed in a full color retail box designed by poster artist, Stephen Romano, and also includes a special exclusive trading card (the latter of which is solely available during the item’s pre-order period through mid-September 2010). Cult Collectibles’ figure will be limited to only 1,000 items (each hand-numbered) and, according to Cult Collectibles owner, Mark Jason Murray (also the editor-in-chief at FilmFanaddict), “will sell out quickly.”

So, I suppose the biggest question on your mind right about now is: “Who in their right mind is going to buy this?” Well, no one, really, but there are definitely a lot of deranged individuals out there (like myself) that wouldn’t hesitate to pick this item up in a heartbeat. For starters, Cult Collectibles’ Black Devil Doll is anything but cute. He’s extremely unlikely to get shelf-space in any store. He may even go up in value over time.

But if there’s one must-own factor about this “Weird Wobbler,” it’s because he’s guaranteed to unnerve any and all unwanted visitors and stuck-up family members, whilst producing a number of laughs from your non-bobblehead aficionado friends that will surely appreciate something that is so enjoyably insane. Plus, in addition to being a great conversation piece, it has been made to be intentionally creepy: something that no other bobblehead manufacturer can attest to doing.

Black Devil Doll is available for pre-order now at Cult Collectibles website and is certain to find his way atop of a certain Jager machine in my neighborhood.

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