Thursday , July 25 2024

Crazy New PVR

Tossing digital video around like a beanbag:

    Terratec will be presenting its latest modular digital video recorder system at CeBIT this week. Designed for the living room, the Lancaster AV 701 is a multi-station system that consists of an analogue or digital TV receiver, an 80GB hard disk (enough to store about 20 feature films), and a TV module which provides a remote control interface.

    Similar to other personal video recorders (PVRs), the Lancaster AV 701 operates as a cache memory for the active TV program (time-shift
    video), allowing you to pause live TV and continue viewing minutes later. Lost time can be regained by fast-forwarding, if needed.

    A built-in 10/100Base-T NIC lets you connect additional interface modules, in case you want to watch broadcasts in another room. You can also add additional receiver and memory modules to increase storage capacity and for watching multiple programmes simultaneously.

    “The Lancaster AV 701 also offers practically unlimited possibilities through it’s easy integration on PCs and Laptops. Thanks to the standard Ethernet technology implemented, one can comfortably transfer music, photos and video to the Lancaster system, which can then be accessed by every connected module,” said a Terratec representative.

    “Moreover, the connection to other networks, wireless included, is easily realizable. At the same time, every additional computer can expand the available recording memory as well as serve as an additional viewing console.” [Bios]

Music, photos, video: stored, viewed and shared. Hmm.

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