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Sevendust's tour supporting their new album, Alpha, is truly a sight to behold. Run, don't walk, to buy tickets!

Concert Review: Invitro, Diecast, Red, and Sevendust, in Little Rock, AR

I want to tell you a tale of passion, power, and the need for some serious earplugs. That’s right, I want to talk about the Sevendust concert that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 2.

Armed only with a sense of excitement, my sister and I walked into the relatively cozy venue and promptly purchased a few sodas and waited for the show to begin. Between sipping my soda and watching people wander around, enough time passed for the first of three openings acts to hit the stage.

Say hello to the guys from Invitro!

First up was Invitro, a band I’d never heard of before the concert. Dressed in what appeared to be white doctor’s lab coats and topped by an assortment or silver masks reminiscent of Slipknot’s “Aluminum Foil” phase (kidding!), they proceeded to tear about the stage — and everyone’s eardrums — for a good solid half-hour. While I’m sure they had some good songs, judging by the energy of those in the crowd brave enough to head near the stage, they were so loud and frenetic that I don’t know that I made out one single lyric in any of their songs.

Now, say hello to the guys from Diecast!

Next up was Diecast, another band that was totally new to me. Instead of coming out with a gimmick such as masks or costumes, these guys just proceeded to belt out some amazingly heavy and musical songs. Where the heck have I been that I’d never heard of them? About two songs into their set I went purchase their CD, already a new fan. Great band, and they pulled off an amazing set.

Now, say hello to the guys from Red!

After Diecast was a band called Red. Par for the course, of course, I’d never heard of these guys either. It only took them one song, however, to have me wandering over to the tables and purchasing their CD. What an amazing set they put on, and during the moments in between songs, they kept reminding fans to go out and purchase CDs and merchandise from the other acts that played before them. Classy move by a classy band, I thought.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that each band would wander down and sign autographs for one and all, after their set. Sitting atop my desk are autographed copies of Diecast’s and Red’s albums. Everyone we met was nice and easy going, it was amazing. I’d never attended any venue this “up close and personal,” but I will certainly be going back to the Metroplex.

Then came Sevendust. Somewhere in my mountainous record collection, I own all but one of their CDs, and had been listening to an advance copy of their latest album, Alpha, for a few weeks, so needless to say, I was anxious for them to blow me away.

Finally, say hello to the guys from Sevendust. They want to rock your ass off, big time.

Well, they did. They blew the audience, the main breaker, and me away! That’s right, after about three minutes of their first song, the band managed to rock so damn hard that they shut everything down.

It was awesome.

After a quick ten-minute fix, during which two women decided to keep the crowds occupied by hopping on their date’s shoulders and flashing everyone approximately 99 times a minute, Sevendust walked back on stage…

For the rest of their set, they proceeded to blow me away. Holy moley are these guys one of the loudest and most energetic bands that I’ve ever seen. It was very evident that the energy and sheer power of their new CD was no fluke. Sevendust were hungry and ready to prove that they are one of the most powerful bands out there.

I know I’m rambling and my mind is scattershot with having to survive mid-term exams in the space of time between the concert and now, but I hope I’m making it very clear that I enjoyed the hell out of myself at this concert. From 6:30 to the time we left, I never once wanted to be anywhere else.

Not even when Invitro were playing; not really. All I wanted was to understand what they were singing. Having listened to their CD since then, I get it now!

Do yourself a favor — if this tour finds its way anywhere near you, go. Don’t hesitate. Don’t dawdle. Don’t think twice. There is simply no excuse not to go see the three talented opening acts on this tour, and neither is there any excuse in the world not to go see the power that is Sevendust on this leg of their tour!

Just maybe come equipped with earplugs, and maybe a flashlight for when they blow apart yet another stage.

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