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I have tried to watch some of Sheen's interviews, but they really make me sick.

Charlie Sheen: The Day the Earth Stood Ill

Watching Charlie Sheen unravel on television is painful to say the least. It is as if an alien has landed, was booked on all the talk shows, and started speaking in his language with brief snippets of English thrown in. I was thinking that he could almost be seen as the antithesis of Klaatu from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still. In that case the alien Klaatu spoke perfect English and was understandable as his giant robot Gort stood silently on guard. Even Gort would probably have made more sense than Sheen is doing now.

I wish no harm to this man and actually hope that someone will help him. In this case, since he is an adult and father of children, the one person who really needs to step in and help is him. You cannot expect his father Martin Sheen or his brother Emilio Estevez to take charge or custody of Charlie. He has to make the decision to help himself, but each day brings new headlines, crazier antics, and the media loves this because it sells and there is no end in sight until Sheen crashes, hurts himself, or gets arrested.

I have tried to watch some of Sheen’s interviews, but they really make me sick. Here is a guy who had a great job (making $2 million bucks per episode on his CBS show Two and a Half Men), beautiful children, and a mansion. None of this seems to have mattered to Sheen as he has slowly self-destructed.

He kind of reminds me of Elmer Fudd from the Bugs Bunny Show who used to babble about being a millionaire and owning a mansion and a yacht. Despite that, Elmer was wasting his time trying to shoot Bugs Bunny all day instead of enjoying a normal life. Elmer never ended up very well in those cartoons, and I am afraid that could be the fate of Charlie too or worse.

So I am officially sick of the story, and hopefully (maybe) everyone else is getting there too. It is sad that Charlie’s show is probably history, especially for the cast and crew that lose their jobs. Hey, maybe they can bring in Emilio to take his place and they can rename it One and Two Half Men. I know that was a low blow but – oh, there I go again.

Since I don’t think there is anyone out there who can help Charlie help himself, maybe we can get good old Gort to come back and exchange Klaatu for Charlie. He might be happy up there, and on another planet he just might think he is a god because they worship him from seeing the film Hot Shots five hundred times. I just hope they don’t ask him if he is Rambo, because then things are not going to go well at all.    

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