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It has a warm and characteristic pop feel, with a slight twinge of folk rock.

CD Review: The Apparitions – As This is Futuristic

Upbeat and warm classic pop rock is how I would sum up As This is Futuristic, the recent release from the band The Apparitions. The CD is full of characteristic rhythms and beats that are comfortable and familiar, but with a modern “garage” feel to it.

The band formed in 2003 and according to their website is

Stylistically wedged somewhere between the Pixies and The Flaming lips, The Apparitions feature two distinct vocalists and a three-guitar sonic assault that is dynamic, angular, and full of wiry tension.

And that sums it up very well. The vocalists lend voices that are sharply unique and full of a personality that fits the lyrics, which at times can be off-beat. There isn’t a heavy message or a deep meaning; it’s the lighter side of pop and the same can be said for the music. It’s not harsh but it is what I would call power pop, with strong drum and guitar lines.

Mark Heidinger, Robbie Roberts, Erci Smith, Robby Consenza, and Davey Fallis are the five members who have come together to form The Apparitions. They released their first full length CD, Oxygen Think Tank in 2003, followed by the EP Boys & Girls. The success of the CD and the EP paved the way for As This is Futuristic

The opening track on As This Is Futuristic is “electricity + drums.” It’s one of those songs that has the warm and characteristic pop feel, with a slight twinge of folk rock, even in the quality of the vocals, somewhat reminiscent of a lucid Dylan.

“god monkey robot” is a stand out track. The rhythm and guitar lines reminded me of typical Devo. There is also just a hint of digital to the quality of the sound that blends with the tech lyrics singing of evolution of not only man but science.

The album wraps up with “positively charged.” Another example of the diversity and range of talent that The Apparitions show, the short song (it only runs a minute and twenty two seconds) is a positive message of hope and new beginnings, wrapped up in an upbeat, drum heavy tune. As most of the CD, it has a familiar feel to it, but not in the sense that it’s not original. It’s comfortable and familiar.

The singles “electricity + drums” and “god monkey robot” can be heard at their website and upcoming dates can be found at The Apparitions Myspace Profile.

Track Listing

  • “electricity + drums”

  • “motor skills”

  • “god monkey robot”

  • “she burned out their eyes”

  • “shapeshifters”

  • “you chirp just like little sparrows”

  • “arrhythmia “

  • “with wolf clothes on”

  • “cemeteries”

  • “positively charged”

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