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The background music playing when a couple comes together can hold that scene in the viewers mind and hearts.

CD Review: Songs of the Soaps/The Young and the Restless – Various Artists

After a long, bumpy courtship and months of anticipation, the young couple comes together in a loving embrace. The music swells…

Songs of the SoapsFans of soaps watch for the drama, intrigue, and romance, and the songs featured can be almost as entertaining as the storylines. The background music playing when a couple comes together can hold the scene in the mind and hearts of viewers. Knowing this, Soapsongs is now offering the music in three compilation CDs. I don’t watch Young and the Restless, so listening to Songs of the Soaps was my first exposure to these songs.

This CD features songs from The Young and the Restless and includes Brad and Ashley’s “There for You” by Antje. Because the songs are chosen (and sometimes written) specifically to fit the emotions of a character, a pairing, or a scene, they are often powerful and almost always emotionally charged. “There For You” is no exception. It is a romantic ballad proclaiming perpetual devotion, support, and love. It is easy to see how it would enhance a love scene or be a special song for a couple whether they are fictional or real.

More than romantic ballads are featured on soaps. “That Game” is a modern pop tune with some hip hop and dance influences. The song first appeared on Young and the Restless in July of 2000 and became a theme song for Larry Wharton, a character who (at the time) was a bad guy. It has a mischievous feel and some nice hooks to it, making it a song that is going to work its way into your psyche.

“Dark Days Floating By” is another exception to the ballad theme. An upbeat pop number, it was first broadcast November of 2002 and quickly became a fan favorite. As with most of the songs, it is simple but likable, with melodic lines behind lyrics that push emotional buttons.

While these Songs of the Soaps quickly became fan favorites, there was no place to acquire the music until Soapsongs began compiling the music. They currently offer two other CDs containing songs from All My Children and One Life to Live. The disks can be purchased individually or as a set for a reduced rate.

Songs of the Soaps/The Young and the Restless is a nice collection of pop songs, many of them romantic ballads. If you are a fan of the show, the CD will be a memorable keepsake of some of the most intriguing storylines over the last few years. But even if you are not a soap fan, these songs will still appeal to those with a romantic heart or those who enjoy light pop. The CDs are only available from Soapsongs.

Track Listing

    1. Together
    2. Let Me Prove It To You
    3. There For You
    4. Of All The Love
    5. You’ll Be Runnin’ Back To Me
    6. Out Of The Dark
    7. Forgiven
    8. Once In A Lifetime
    9. Dark Days Floating By
    10. That Game
    11. Even If
    12. Peace

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