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Every song is one of those "stones" the artist carries, a lesson learned, deeply carried, and a piece of her.

CD Review: Adrianne –10,000 Stones

With a soft voice that has a raspy edge, Adrianne delivers pop ballads, that have something a lot of popular music doesn’t – meaning. On 10,000 Stones her songs are three minute stories, incidents of what has made her today. From the liner notes,

From love coming, going, then coming again,
From acoustic to electric,
From Chicago to London,
From thinking I knew everything to knowing I know nothing
From mistakes to miracles, I landed here.
This album is that story.

And that sums it up pretty well. The tone stays pretty constant throughout the album. The are pop ballads; the tempo only rises slightly and occasionally. Very guitar heavy, it has a soft folk feel. She is very reminiscent of a Sheryl Crow or Bonnie Raitt, both of whom have recorded her songs or collaborated with her.

The title song, “10,000 Stones” is about finding your way and learning from the lessons life teaches, and it serves well in the dual role of song and album title. Every song is one of those “stones” the artist carries, a lesson learned, deeply carried, and a piece of her.

“New Kind of Cool” is a song of hope for a future between two people who feel as though they don’t fit in anywhere. Adrianne proposes together they can set there own rules for a “New Kind of Cool”. It has an adolescent feel to it, like an anthem of a high school aged couple, but it works for her, and with her unique voice seems to transcend that.

Tour dates, news, and downloads of singles and special internet only releases can be found at The artist also has a Personal website.

Track Listing From 10,000 Stones

  1. Shooting Star

  2. 10,000 Stones

  3. Love to You

  4. Feel You Breaking

  5. New Kind of Cool

  6. When She Takes

  7. Comets

  8. Hurricane

  9. Dream of Rome

  10. December

  11. Just Can’t Wait

  12. Strange

  13. Free

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