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Benson's newest side project is his former solo career...

Brendan Benson to Release My Old, Familiar Friend August 24

Brendan Benson has a new side project:  his solo career!  Benson is set to resume working on his own with the release his first solo album in four years on August 24. 

The 11-track My Old, Familiar Friend was recorded in Nashville is the follow up to The Alternative to Love.  This is his fourth solo album, and this time he teamed with Gil Norton (Pixies, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters).  According to the report on ClashMusic, the new album finds Benson playing around with different styles and sounds.

Distribution for the album is still unclear as The Alternative to Love is now technically out of print and was released by V2, a label not exactly functional in the US.

Benson has spent the years between solo albums making two excellent records with The Raconteurs, the band he formed with Jack White of The White Stripes.  Broken Boy Soldier was released in 2006 and Consolers of the Lonely followed in 2008.  White himself is currently working on yet another side project, Dead Weather.

Here's the complete tracklisting for My Old, Familiar Friend

  1. A Whole Lot Better
  2. Eyes On The Horizon
  3. Garbage Day
  4. Gonowhere
  5. Feel Like Taking You Home
  6. You Make A Fool Out Of Me
  7. Poised And Ready
  8. Don't Wanna Talk
  9. Misery
  10. Lesson Learned
  11. Borrow

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