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Brave and Anonymous, “Jane Doe” Fights the RIAA in Court

Into the ring to take a swing:

    The first individual to fight back against a flood of subpoenas issued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lodged a motion in the name of ‘Jane Doe’ with a Washington court on Thursday, seeking to prevent her ISP handing over her details to the Association.

    The RIAA announced in June that it would be taking action against individual file-sharers, not just the file-sharing networks, like KaZaA, which facilitate the unlawful swapping of copyrighted material.

    Since then it has served over 1,000 subpoenas under the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), ordering ISPs to identify targeted individuals. With this information the RIAA can then proceed to take court action against the individuals. However, ‘Jane Doe’ has decided to challenge the RIAA’s right to receive this information.

    Glenn Peterson, one of the lawyers acting for the unknown individual, said in a statement:

      “The recent efforts of the music industry to root out piracy have addressed a uniquely contemporary problem with draconian methods – good old-fashioned intimidation combined with access to personal information that would make George Orwell blush”.


Someone has to stand up to these thugs, and the legal abortion that is the DMCA. Fight the good fight, Jane.

More on the situation here and here.

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