Saturday , June 15 2024

Book Reviews

Book Review: Harvey Pekar’s The Quitter

Harvey Pekar’s ongoing cold war against himself and a world that abides such an infuriating creature turns hot in his gripping new coming-of-age graphic novel, The Quitter. Pekar, the cantankerous retired V.A. hospital file clerk best known for his pioneering, autobiographical comic book series “American Splendor” and the award-winning film …

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Book Review: Grievance

Rocksburg, Pa. Detective Officer Rugs Carlucci has two problems, one of which is much more difficult emotionally. The first fits into his traditional job – help determine who killed a local steel magnate. This work is relatively easy. But it’s the second problem – dealing with his mother as she …

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Book Review: A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe reminds me of a good, focused studious portrait artist&#8212he can draw an excellent picture of whatever it is that he sees before him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the problem with his new tome, A Man in Full. No doubt about it, Wolfe is an excellent journalist: he describes all …

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Book Review: Sick Puppy

Carl Hiaasen is a weird, sick, hilarious guy and his new novel, Sick Puppy, is aptly titled. The hero of Sick Puppy is Twilly Spree, a rich, weird young man who is so passionate about doing right that he often does, well, wrong. So when he sees rich Florida lobbyist …

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Book Review: Shell Game

Shell Game: A Mallory Novel by Carol O’Connell Hooray, Mallory is back! Carol O’Connell has created a wonderful protagonist in Kathleen Mallory. She was adopted as a young girl by a police detective at a time when she was a thief and a liar. Now she’s a cop but too …

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