Sunday , February 5 2023

Book Reviews

Book Review: Personal Injuries by Scott Turow

Scott Turow is no John Grisham, and that’s good, because one Grisham is enough. The two writers sometimes get lumped together because both had major bestsellers with thrillers about court, and suddenly, surprisingly, they made stories about lawyers exciting and fascinating. Definitely not an easy task. But while Grisham has …

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Book Review: Grievance

Rocksburg, Pa. Detective Officer Rugs Carlucci has two problems, one of which is much more difficult emotionally. The first fits into his traditional job – help determine who killed a local steel magnate. This work is relatively easy. But it’s the second problem – dealing with his mother as she …

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Book Review: A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe reminds me of a good, focused studious portrait artist&#8212he can draw an excellent picture of whatever it is that he sees before him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the problem with his new tome, A Man in Full. No doubt about it, Wolfe is an excellent journalist: he describes all …

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