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Bel’lar is a military man in charge of an important fact finding mission. He is challenged with finding a mythical planet where they may find hope.

Book Review: ‘We are the Destroyers,’ Sci-Fi Romance by D. K. Lindler

23151385There are times throughout history where many of the same situations occur. We often hear how history repeats itself as it seems that mankind does not always learn from their past mistakes.

In We are the Destroyers by D. K. Lindler, we are taken on a journey into the stars. Bel’lar is a military man in charge of an important fact finding mission. The abuse of his home planet over the centuries has begun to pile up, and there is fear of where they are headed. His companion Ry Sing began years ago to learn to focus within where she learned of things as they would happen. She is troubled at the news she brings, but the information is important. A space ship like no other has come to the attention of his group, and the brotherhood of the Syn is ready to overtake them.

Food has become difficult to find and many have become addicted to the synthetic foods now being offered. The danger of eating synthetic foods has caused mutations, and there is a marked difference between those who are unable to get real food and those who call themselves organs because of the organic foods they consume. Yet even those options are just about gone. There is something about Bel’lar though that speaks to the ship and vice versa. As they find themselves about to be attacked by the Brotherhood, they make their escape to search for a new home for their people, to save them from their dying planet.

Bel’lar has no idea of what is in store for him and his group of travelers. The ship itself it a part of the problem, and the ghosts of those long departed have their own agenda.

Ry Sing is able to communicate at a level far above the norm, and the information she shares is quite unwelcome. Between the ghosts and Ry Sings visions he is informed that in the past he destroyed a planet when he was known as the Great One. Even now it is written that a man with the same birthmark he carries will destroy another planet. He is not a believer, and will do everything in his power to make sure this never happens. Yet fate often has its own agenda. Their only chance to save his home is to find the mythical blue-white planet. Does such a planet exist and is it truly inhabitable? Only time will tell.

Lindler has given us an interesting story within the story, one that traces it roots to the past, which then also moves us to the future. His characters are both interesting and unique, and the cultures he has developed could be very real in the future. There is a dream like aura that drifts around the entire story and you find yourself drawn in.

As Lindler moves us back to the home planet we find a changed world, and yet there is still hope. You are moved by the situation and the living conditions. The governing body hides a great deal from the people and encourages the continued consumption of synthetics. You find yourself horrified by the differing agendas.

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy and romance you will want this book for your library. The individuals expand and grow as we move forward, and there is a sense of renewal that is in the making. Fate seems to play a part, and you will enjoy the interplay.

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