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A fun comedic romp into suspense--haggis, mutton pie, wonky eye and all.

Book Review: The Tartan Shroud by Ken Dalton

When murder happens the police are quick to respond. But what happens if for some reason they seem unwilling to pursue the case. Is there someone they can call to delve into the matters that they are unable to legitimize?

In The Tartan Shroud by Ken Dalton, we follow the exploits of Pinky and Bear, a notable but oddly nicknamed pair of investigators who are drawn into this strange set of circumstances by Pinky’s ex-wife Willow. Off to Scotland to meet and work with Fergus Murray, the top crime officer in Toyside, they find that something quite odd is going on. Fergus seems unwilling to pursue the case, but wants the help of this odd duo.

The pair is full of comedy and at pains to show the other up, but through it all they are held in check by Flo and Ettamae who agree to go along, as well as the winsome ex-wife, Willow. She is certainly one who can get Pinky to do her bidding, and Bear knows that without his own input, Pinky would be lost. Can they find the murderer and stop him before he kills again. What is in store when even the police department’s finest is holding information that cannot be shared?

Dalton has given us a fun suspense filled mystery with the trappings of a dynamic duo full of comedic errors and delays. He treats the entire sequence as a jolly mystery, and along the way his investigators are treated to the delicacies of the place, as well as the differing expressions and occasional bad weather. Utilizing the differences of the Scottish as compared to the American backgrounds, learning about haggis, mutton pie, and a wonky eye, they are at wits’ end when they finally get the information they need to solve the case.

If you enjoy a good suspense full of odd and absurd red herrings you will find The Tartan Shroud to be an enchanting find. If you love good comedic wit and the interplay among comical pundits, each with the understanding they are more intelligent than the other, you will love Pinky and Bear. Bear is a great-hearted man, gruff but kind, enamored of his family. Pinky is the quintessential Lothario, in love with the idea of love, and remains friends with all his erstwhile conquests, including ex-wives.

The Tartan Shroud is a fast-paced and funny work that will keep you laughing at the exploits and surprised at the mystery. Entertaining and full of charm, you will find the story as well as the combatants to be a work of art. Dalton is an author to be watching for.

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