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How can the top 1% achieve such a tremendous level of success without doing anything different from the rest of us?

Book Review: The Real Truth About Success by Garrison Wynn

"The smartest people in the world are not in charge, they work for the action takers."  — Garrison Wynn

The premise in The Real Truth About Success is clear from the title. Success doesn't always go to the best and brightest. More times than not, the truly successful people have been able to channel some unique advantage given to them by birth or circumstance to out-perform their competition.

Author Garrison Wynn, a former stand-up comic who is now a motivational speaker, author and consultant, looks beyond the clichés of "hard work," "believing in yourself," and "determination." He explains how you can use your natural traits, whatever they may be, to get on the right path to your successful future.

So what talents are you able to draw on for success? It could be
physical or mental attributes. For example, having a winning smile, or being approachable and warm when communicating with people.

Among Wynn’s unique tips:

It is not WHO you are, but KNOWING who you are: If you know who you are, you are able to take advantage of your personal traits.

Establish a process: Having a repeatable process will create a smooth ride to success.

The author's easy mix of common-sense wisdom and candor are right on, as he mixes ‘straight-shooting truth’ and slightly twisted humor. Wynn’s research for The Real Truth About Success distills information from over 5,000 professionals and 20 industries.

Is high intelligence or education the key to success? Or could it be as simple as luck?

Wynn makes an important point as he explains why some of the popular ideas about success are myths and why we’re conditioned to believe what is easy to believe.

Wynn’s suggests your most effective option is to use whatever is your personal advantage. In fact, having an awareness of your disadvantages can help you adapt or compensate for weakness. Another key is to leverage whatever advantage you have in a particular situation, relying on sincerity if all else fails.

Success doesn’t just land on your desk. Wynn’s extensive research yielded several key observations that may sound basic but are the keys to who people choose to work with. Like it or not, a great deal depends on your personality and your ability to convey trust, clarity and comfort.

Of course, if you’re looking for the secret to success without working at it, The Real Truth About Success includes a last chapter with quick advice for lazy people. But don’t skip to the end. The book's conversational tone and humor may help you discover the natural traits that will make you stand out.

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