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"The Isle Of The Lost" is a wonderful young adult novel that is also a treat for those who remember the fairytales of their youth fondly.

Book Review: ‘The Isle of the Lost,’ A Descendants Novel by Melissa De La Cruz

22639095 Fairytales were created with the intent of examining both good and evil. The character’s personalities and the story’s enchantments are the driving force of the narrative.

In Isle of the Lost Melissa De La Cruz introduces us to the descendants of the fairytales of old. As all the good characters came out on top by besting their nemeses, all the evil characters are gathered up and put on an island locked down by magic. Unable to cause further heartache and destruction in the usual sense they began doing what mischief they can among their own, driving a wedge between themselves. As they work out their aggressions, the strongest become alienated from the group. As time passes, their children are now growing up. Like children everywhere, they strive to be like their parents, yet they also want friends. How do they keep their parents happy yet still maintain their childhood?

On a landfall not too far away, the “Good” are having their own problems. Magic has been outlawed; life is almost boring; and the fairest have way too much competition. The children here are also growing, wondering why magic is so wrong. They are sheltered but have heard secrets of an enchanted isle hidden in their world. Magic has been outlawed, and a bit of rebellion…quite nice mind you…is underway. Can these young ones bring back the glamor of their parents’ youth?

As danger lurks, what will happen if ‘forever after’ ends for the Isle of the Lost?

De La Cruz takes us on a fascinating journey into the lives and legends of the fairytales we remember. The offspring of the evil characters are a wonderful mix of ingenuous and bold. As they try to be more like their parents by assuming slightly fearsome characteristics, they are made uncomfortable by the fact that the more evil they act the fewer friends they have. Friendships are important for children. As they try to stay in their parent’s graces, you will discover yourselves enamored of Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos, the children of Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella De Vil. They will captivate you with their antics.

On the island of the “Good” you will begin so see a shift in thinking as well. Is it possible that there must be some evil in the world to balance out the boredom?

If you enjoy fairytales deconstructed and re-engineered you will find this a fun and frolicsome treat. A wonderful young adult novel it is still a treat for those who remember the stories and the young at heart. The first in a series, The Isle of the Lost will take you back into memories of your own childhood. De La Cruz works her usual magic to help us see things that open doors to other worlds and thoughts.

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