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Lerner gives us characters that are full of fun, bluster and charm, yet have that energy that you feel is trustworthy.

Book Review: ‘The Fraternity of the Soul Eater,’ A Samuel Roberts Thriller by Scott A. Lerner

25656521In The Fraternity of the Soul Eater, Scott A. Lerner takes us on a journey into the darkness that dwells in the mind of those most enchanted with darkness. Samuel Roberts, an attorney by day, has found himself in situations that cannot be explained. He feels as though there is danger that others do not believe, nor have they ever seen. His law duties seem quite tame by contrast, and he finds himself wishing for more. His girlfriend thinks he is a junkie for danger, and he is not sure he doesn’t agree.

He knows that something is stirring in the darkness though, for he is having dreams he cannot decipher. Egypt often is the base of his worries, so when he finds himself in an Egyptian museum he is both worried and excited.

The sudden danger is quick and unexpected. He needs the help of his friend Bob, for things have begun to creep even him out. Even with warnings from his girlfriend to desist his quest he is unable to let go. Yet when she disappears he finds himself in deeper than expected. Suddenly his own life is on the line, and he is captured for an extremely unlikely DNA experiment.

Can Sam save both his girlfriend and himself from a crazy mad man who believes he can brings back the old Gods of Egypt through experimentation? Will this danger finally be the end of his relationship? With Bob as his only hope he escapes though brutality, something he has always avoided in the past. Will this be the final means that will allow darkness to enter his own soul?

Lerner gives us characters who are full of fun, bluster and charm, yet have that energy that you feel is trustworthy. His dynamics between his characters and protagonists are both strange and unlikely, but at the same time intriguing and interesting. You find yourself immersed in a story that takes you to the edge of darkness, twisting and realigning your own take on life.  The edge of darkness seems real, and at any time you could find yourself immersed through the work of those who believe, for they are quite fanatical.

If you enjoy mystery, danger and the macabre, riddled with humor and friendship you will find this a must have for your library. You can read it time and again and still find passages you may have missed which make this a fun and unique find.

This would be a great book for a reading and discussion group. The theories of DNA and testing would add great fire for discussion.

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