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Check out the darker, funnier side of Santa in time for the holiday season.

Book Review: The Fart That Saved Christmas by Jacob Morningside, Illustrated by Nadja Andrasev

If you are looking for the lighter side of Christmas you will find your wishes in The Fart that Saved Christmas; An Adults Tale written by Jacob Morningside and illustrated by Nadja Andrasev. Written In the style of Dr. Seuss, Morningside has written a fun tale of the woes of fate that linger behind the lives of Santa and his not always so merry crew. When the reindeer decide they have had enough and call a strike, it seems that everyone will take sides.

Listing their grievances, including those having to do with Santa’s weight–to his wife intruding in their home life and to the Elves mocking them, they are loud and boisterous with their concerns. As Santa understands the nature of their thoughts, he is not about to step down.

He becomes belligerent to the point that the reindeer have concerns for his very safety.

This is a fun look at the lighter side of life, a chance to meet the darker side of Santa. The rhyming is satirical and at times sophomoric. The challenges and charges fit the stories and as the reindeer begin to see the error of their complaints the course changes for all involved. But can they diffuse the situation before it is out of hand.

If you enjoy humor and are looking for that special gift for the holidays, this does the trick. Short and raunchy it will tweak your funny bone, launching you into an explosion of laughter and fun. A treat to pass around at your holiday parties, the humor is contagious.

Watch your guests though as they may begin to have ideas of their own in how to enliven a party, that may not be consistent with that of your neighbors.

Can’t find a gift for that adult that has everything? This may be just the fun to try on.

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