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An epic fantasy that combines mythology and mystery to create an exciting, engrossing adventure.

Book Review: The Corin Chronicles: Volume 1: The Light and the Dark by Marvin Amazon

The Corin Chronicles: Volume 1: The Light and the Dark is a mythic fantasy of epic proportions. It begins when a war rages between gods as Auphora, the Creator of all things, battles his son, Baran, the ruler of the planet Corin. Baran is defeated, the planet is divided into one part that is eternally dark and one that is eternally light. The battle sets off events that span the Universe, including planet Earth, and 5,000 years.

This book includes mythology and mystery, featuring gods, demi-gods, fantastic creatures, avatars, bravery, deceit, triumph and defeat. It begins with the tumultuous war on Corin, moves to Earth 5,000 years later, where a young man who is more than human causes havoc, and returns to Corin for a true hero’s quest by a brave prince and four faithful companions to save Corin from destruction.

There is something for every lover of fantasy here. The book is exciting and well-written, with vivid descriptions and an intriguing blurring of good and evil that is typical of Greek and Roman myth.

Amazon takes characters from many types of mythology, such as dragons and zombies, and morphs them to fit his story and its location.

Of course, since this is only the first volume, things are not neatly wrapped up at the end. This is only the beginning and we can expect to see the heroic Prince Ramon, the enigmatic avatar Sirocco, and more gods, demons, and fantastic creatures in the second volume of the series. However, this first adventure is ended sufficiently to keep the reader from being too frustrated while leaving enough hanging to insure he or she will want to continue to the next book.

This book is highly recommended for those who enjoy reading epic fantasy ranging from The Illiad and The Oddysey to Narnia and the Tolkien books.

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