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Author of The Answer isEnergy

Interview: Jarrad Hewett, Author of ‘The Answer is Energy’

Recently I had the chance to chat with Jarrad Hewett, an author, empathy, and expert energy expert who coaches all over the world. His latest book, The Answer is Energy: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating Your Ideal Life, Embracing True Abundance, and Knowing Your Worth From Within was reviewed for this site.

We talked about his own life and how it played a role in his own journey to teaching, and about we can learn to detach from old, self-destructive beliefs — and finally live the fulfilling, productive, and prosperous lives we’re yearning for.

You have a really interesting personal story. Can you talk about how the way you grew up influenced your career?

I’m an empath, which means that a lot of what I do is sensory based. It took me a long time to understand what this meant, and that we are basically picking up information all the time. Think of it like this: you can feel the calm in certain spaces, be it a spa, or a church. You can feel the craze of a Black Friday sale. Energy travels in the field.

As a kid, I could also see and hear things other people couldn’t, but I was raised to be afraid of who I was and what I saw, so I shut it down. I got the message very early on that I wasn’t okay, so I hid who I was. By the third grade, I had ballooned to almost 200 pounds, broken numerous bones, and suffered from ulcers.

I was manifesting my inner belief “I’m broken,” and it was eating me alive inside. The food was my only way to block the pain and satiate myself. As I got older, I suffered from severe depression and anxiety. In my late teens, I was diagnosed with PTSD, as well as agoraphobia and depression.

I’d literally shut my energetic heart down and told myself I was wrong, I was broken, and by my early twenties, my physical heart began to go wrong and break down too. In college I was a regular at the ER. I was so tired of fighting and feeling like nothing would ever work out for me, that one day, in bed, I just said “Fine, take me.”

I was over it. And a strange thing happened: In that moment, when I basically just gave up the fight and the struggle, I felt free. This realization came rushing in — that I had been living someone else’s life, filtering who I am through other people’s belief systems, being who I was supposed to be, not who I really am.

I had always seen energy, yet I feared it so much, that I refused to open to this gift. As I began to acknowledge myself and open up to who I am and what my truth really is, I saw how everything in this life is energy. And I realized we all have the power to change ourselves. You could say I found my calling —helping people find and become their true, authentic, happy selves.

Talk about the structure of The Answer is Energy. How should readers use this book?

This book is based on retreats I’ve been teaching for several years now. It’s a thirty-day journey exploring who you are, how you became who you are, and how to become who you desire to be. I’ll teach you how to tap into actual energy — and easily create a space to release your blocks around all areas of life: money, love, relationships, fear, pain, grief, family, and many more.

I weave my own stories with anecdotes from clients, healing stories, inspirations, and processes; and close each chapter with its own meditation. We deal with every single possible subject we could encounter along our journey.

What’s the problem with saying things like, “not enough,” and how can we stop?

Let’s call it an opportunity for change. One of the most self-defeating issues that come up in our energy fields is guilt over what or how we’ve created in the past. We don’t believe we belong.

We don’t feel like we can create what we want, because we fear we’ll fail, or someone will take our creation, judge it, etc. Sometimes we even fear success, based on our genetic and core beliefs.

Guilt and fear are two of the most prominent blocks when it comes to creation. We simply feel guilty about who we are. We feel guilty for having too much, for not creating enough, for our bodies, our past, our family, and our perceived missteps or mistakes, for not being smart enough, worthy enough, deserving enough — or even capable enough to create, have, and maintain all we desire.

But this is where a very important truth comes into play: “Your thoughts are not your everlasting truth.” Those thoughts and beliefs that have been hanging around in your psyche for decades are not your truth. You are a vibrant and creative being, and you can set a new vibrational level, a new space where you allow yourself to eliminate any lower vibrational cords or attachments, release the past, and welcome real change. You have the ability to do it.

What advice do you have for someone who is trying to improve their lives but keeps coming up against roadblocks — such as feelings of unworthiness?

In the beginning of the book I ask readers to consider these questions:

  • What is the one thing in this world that you would like to experience more than anything else?
  • What is the one thing you would like to create?
  • What is the one thing you would like to release?
  • If you could experience any miracle on this planet,
  • what would it be?
  • What would it be like to truly feel seen, and loved,
  • nurtured and cherished?

Every answer you come up with is attached to a belief somewhere inside of you. It may be a belief about what you need in order to be happy or healthy or loved. It may simply be a belief about what “doing better” means to you, based on stories you’ve been told, and stories you now tell yourself. We have beliefs about what feelings are allowed and not allowed, how we are supposed to act and express ourselves, and what we are even capable of in the first place.

In a sense, those are roadblocks — lodged in our physical bodies, and in our thoughts, patterns and emotions. They form the song of our being. It’s only when we begin to let go of some of those old tapes that we can spark the flames of transmutation — so the old wounds can finally heal, and a new creation can be birthed.

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