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A collection of stories about a dog called Seamus, the Sheltie, who explores friendship, bullying, compassion and teamwork.

Book Review: Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue! by James Beverly

I love reading well written books for children. Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue is a well written and unique book. I am hugely impressed with the author’s ability to showcase in a fun and informative way lessons about friendship, bullying, compassion and teamwork.

This collection of fictional stories will warm your heart. I knew very little about breeds of dogs or other animal traits. Through this book I learned that the real Seamus Sheltie understands 95 human words. How incredible is that?

I absolutely loved the way each story is designed to teach morals and how to resolve issues. My two favorites are: Chapter 4, “Seamus Tricks the City Possum”. This delightful tale showcases a family of birds and how Seamus helps the family with an egg-eating-possum problem.

My second favorite is Chapter 3, “The Puppy who wanted to be Grown Up”. Seamus shows a darling little puppy why it is not a good idea to run away from home.

What resonates quite well with me is the challenges presented in this book are similar to those young children from all walks of life encounter and must find a way to resolve.

The fine illustrations by Anita Miles add an extra special element to each story. The vivid images will help the reader appreciate the story that much more. I was able to fully envision the predicament of the mouse on chapter 6 by looking at the marvelous illustrations on page 111.

I also thought it was an excellent idea for the author to include a discussion guide for parents. As a parent and educator, books are of little value unless an adult is willing to discuss and provoke thought by asking questions so a child can reflect on what he or she read.

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