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A remarkable glimpse into the secret world of Sarah Palin.

Book Review: Sarah Palin’s Secret Diary by Joey Green

Former Miss Wasilla Sarah Palin is officially the newest member of the Fox News Team, and the timing could not be better for the publication of her Secret Diary.
While the cover says “Is it a spoof? You Betcha!” I do not believe it. These entries are much too good not to be the real deal.

Judge for yourself::

June 8, 2008:
“When I told my staff to make sure that Todd gets copies of every e-mail sent from my office no matter how confidential, I didn’t mean for him to get so much spam about penis enlargement! Sheesh! The idea is to make him feel big, not small!”

August 28, 2008:
“Senator McCain told me to call him John, but I said I wasn’t comfortable doin’ that, so he asked me what I’d be comfortable callin’ him. 'Gramps,' I said. 'Okay, then Gramps it is,' said McCain.”

September 8, 2008:
“I’ve got my own campaign RV called the No Talk Express because it’s set up like a big classroom on wheels, and my prep team doesn’t want me doin’ any interviews with the press until they’ve finished with our tutorin’ sessions.”

See what I mean? They must have called it a spoof, so that Sarah could not sue for invasion of privacy. As her supporters and Fox News know, Palin is one smart cookie. In addition to diary entries, she also makes occasional lists, I guess to keep track of things. Here are a few items from one she compiled in late August 2008:


-Persuades the President to start wars.
-Works behind closed doors with neo-con groups and oil companies to think up  cool energy policies.
-Declares “Executive Privilege” whenever Congress starts askin’ nosy questions.

Sarah Palin’s Secret Diary covers the period from April 18, 2008 to the day she became a grandmother, December 28, 2008. These were some of the most significant eight months of her life, possibly only out-shined by her third place showing in the Miss Alaska Pageant 1984.

Liberals may find her diary a hilarious bit of fiction from former National Lampoon contributing editor Joey Green. But it sounds pretty genuine to me. Who else but Sarah, after boarding the Straight Talk Express, would call Barack Obama’s bus the “Gay Talk Express?”

Thankfully Caribou Barbie has found a home (for a while at least) on the most fair and balanced TV network ever, Fox News. At last she will be able to burnish her image, and promote her dream ticket:

Sarah Palin and Joe The Plumber 2012!

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